January 31, 2006



Yes, we watched some of that "Chicken Little the Sky is Falling" last night on the national news. We're not prepared! We're not prepared! The talking heads beat their breasts and proceeded to gnash their teeth like the climate change was going to happen tomorrow. Well, I got up this a.m. and stepped out onto our back porch, I was so surprised to learn that today looked and felt just like yesterday. And lo and behold, I still had water coming out of the tap to brush my teeth.

Go figure.


The headline in the Express is totally misleading (shock). It's the South East of England which has the water shortage, not the whole of Britain.

Andrew McCann


It doesn't matter. No area of this country should be devoid of water given its location.



the answer to your question is a failure to invest sufficiently in capacity and a failure to reduce the leaks which run at a shameful 50% in the London area. The water companies havd had 15 years to get their act together and have a lot to answer for, as has the so-called regulator.

Andrew McCann


Absolutely. Did you know that government policy between the 1970s and the mid-1980s was to build oil-fired power stations close to coastal refineries? The aim being to mitigate any repecussions from strking coal miners to energy supply.

Fawley, Portishead, Grangemouth and the Isle of Grain are all examples of where this took place. Yet, over a greater timespan, no efforts have been made to construct desalination plants. It's obscene.


Well, it's actually Ireland's fault!

In a unique collaboration of both North and South of Ireland to deprive England of rainwater.

We of course take copious amounts of water from the moisture rich Atlantic weather before it can reach England.

Ye can have it back as long as ye guarantee to keep paying the ransom (otherwise known as funding NI)! Non Northern bank notes only please.

Andrew McCann


I can't blame my enemies for everything. It would make me as bad as the average Irish republican.


'I can't blame my enemies for everything.'

And sure, it'd be totally out of character for you to complain anyway!

Andrew McCann

You know me too well I fear.


Pop Britain = 56 Million therabouts
Pop Australia = 20 million

Landmass difference huge.

Just a small point.


Good Luck.

Gone to the US 5 years down...or more exactly up.:)

I go back to the old country to visit a few people and a few graves once or twice a year.

That's it. Once more with feeling...Good Luck!


Andrew McCann


The best of luck to you. One day when I've saved enough cash, I'll probably be joining the exodus to countries that have a good future.


"One day when I've saved enough cash, I'll probably be joining the exodus to countries that have a good future."

u mean like iraq or afghanistan?


What a horrible little blog you have here. I knew idiots like you existed but hadn't realised they have learned to use the internet already.

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