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January 31, 2006



I rang my brother yesterday and during the course of our conversation I asked how his two animals-one old black and White Tom cat and an eleven year old collie- were doing. He said
'They're asleep in the basket here by my desk, can't really tell where one begins and one ends at the moment.'
Cats and dogs, they have more sense than the Animal Welfare Bill gives them credit for.

Madradin Ruad

Must admit my first reaction was the same as yours Andrew - but there are a couple of points - This will make the definition of cruelty more clear and it will enable earlier intervention. At present action can really only be taken after the event - when the suffering has already occurred. With this on the books it will be easier to prevent cruelty.


The sort of people who are in the habit of being cruel to animals will not take a jot of notice about these guidelines. The sort of people who will read them with genuine interest are not ever likely to be cruel to their pets in any instance.

I'm afraid this is a bureaucatric waste of time and money.

EU Serf

The state fails to prevent cruelty to people, see happy slapping, so why do we think it will be any different here?


I have friends whose cats and dogs are great buddies. So they got that one wrong right off the bat.

They think we're stupid - that's the implication. We're too stupid to know the simplest, smallest thing. That's what sucks about the nanny state and the real kicker is that they're wrong quite often.

Sean Fear

That's not the way laws work MR. Those charge with enforcing them (who are these days always set targets for enforcement) will go for the soft targets.

So an old lady who forgets to put her cat out at night will suddenly get hauled before the bench.

Ultonian Scottis American

Re Dogs-And-Cats.

Joint Authority is the only solution.

Madradin Ruad

That's not the way laws work MR.

I understand what you mean and to some extent I agree with you Sean Fear. I agree that this won't solve all problems , or even begin to solve them, but from personal experience these laws would have helped me in the past.

The Troll

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only in britian would animals get a bill of rights before humans


I too was struck by the part in the guidlelines that state that cat's and Dogs do not get on. That is untrue. Unfamiliar animals do not get on. Dogs and cats in the same home will easily get on. If they can't get that bit right what else is wrong?


to be fair, my cat and dog barely tolerated each other. even after 10+ years of co-existence.



Maybe that was just the way they played?

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