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December 12, 2005


Madradin Ruad

key building blocks that produced the July 28 IRA statement

that admission destroys the basis of the Belfast agreement - that a deal was hammered out and agreed by both communities. It also mandates the Loyalist terrorists to hang onto their weapons until THEIR add-ons are agreed.

To those that say it's a done deal, fait accompli, too late and promises, made even disgusting underhand ones, have to be kept -
point out that The people of the ROI stopped a similar betrayal dead in it's tracks when the McCabe killers were set to be freed.

Shameful. Hain should go. All the non-terrorist parties in NI should demand that any other promises to SF and Loyalists be made public and put to the people.

paul connor

Its our inactivity on these issues that pro -IRA men like Hain and Blair are counting on. Its about how far and how fast they can push the boat out without us acting.


Ah yes the old Veto...

If that's the best that Unionist politicans can come up with then unionism really is in a bad state.

David Vance

Paul and MR ARE right. It's unionist lethargy and defeatism that jokers such as Hain are counting on. Had we a dynamic leadership then we could give em' hell, this way we are going to hell.


unionism is finished. it will continue to do nothing for the forseeable future, and then resort to armed conflict when its all too late.


I think one of unionism's main problems is that it just doesn't have any charismatic leaders. (even though its policies that count)

I mean they are so damn boring...

David Vance


You have a point though one could argue that Mark Durkan is hardly exciting and Sinn Fein's appeal is linked to their terrorist links. Who do you think WOULD make a good charismatic Leader for unionists?


As bad as this sounds, The guy/gal has to have some features to his/her character that excites people.

Unionism has nobody to fight its corner, the people that are in control have very little savy about understanding the ebb and flow of public opinion.

There are a number of other things are are killing Unionism internally also, but I think people here have a general idea of what they are.

You're right about the SDLP though David, they have no-one either.

The Troll

The problem is YUOR NOT using public opinion too STOP them!!!

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