December 12, 2005



Democracy has traditionally been government by those who are good at winning elections. That might sound cynical but it works quite well.

In the constituency bear-pit a canditate or sitting MP develops a fine tuned sense of what the issues are within the party and in the public mind. It heads off trouble.

If an MP is choosen on a different basis they may lose that sense.

Andrew McCann

Then it says much about the sorry state of this country.



The 2 MPs you highlight might also actually posess all the attribute you rightly list for being a worthy holder of office in addition to the those elements that the press chose to highlight.


Joan Collins should run, although she's got more savvy than any of the Tory front bench and might show them up. Her column in the Spectator is usually spot-on, and very witty.

Margot James probably would make an effective MP.

Priti Patel, OTOH, seems to detect racism where others wouldn't. A few months ago, she gave an interview with the FT in which she complained that racism in the Conservative Party was stopping her being selected for a winnable seat - the "evidence" for this was that one party member had worn a union jack tie to a selection meeting.

Given that Priti Patel campaigned for the Referendum Party in 1997, I'd say she's been treated with considerable generosity by the Conservative Party.


My comment above should read "the 2 would be MP's" - as they haven't been elected yet.


Great title...all I can say is that Dear Old Dave might finally do what Kilroy-Silk once said UKIP could do if they tried. He said it really well - I should know - I was there...bloody good speech as well, great shame he blew it on Frost the morning after.

"Kill the Tory Party."

Here's hoping...because they cant use the Howard excuse that this leader was imposed on them. The MEMBERSHIP did this to themselves. 2 to 1. Never forget it.

The Tory Party is finished.


The Margon is back ? Why wasn't I told ?

But wait....I thought Margo James, who is a lesbian, was a political genius, sort of like Tony Blair but better at handling the media. How come we didn't see any news articles about the abnormally high swing she managed in the election ? Could it be that the lesbian Margo James actually managed a swing less than the national average....nooooo, that's just crazy talk.

John Hustings

I think this needs to be protested and resisted with as much force as can be given. Cameron might back down (or at least water down his ideas) if he thinks he'd have civil war on his hands.


Why would Cameron back down? The desperate morons who voted for him have proven that they will do ANYTHING for a chance at getting back into 'power' (whatever that means when the EU can override the few Laws that Westminster is still permitted to make at will. I know I wont be shopping at M&S ever again...).

Cameron is having a laugh. He really is. He's like a kid with an anthill, knowing that whatever he does to those little Constituency Ants they will simply keep scurrying around behaving the same way they've always done.

Until Tuesday before last I at least felt some sympathy for the Ants. Not any more. Now I find it hard to feel anything but contempt.

John Hustings

Well, I'm sorry, but I happen to think those ants are just about the only decent people left in this country.

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