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December 12, 2005



It's a pity for the CCO'B that the peace strategy and the ceasefire and the Agreement preceeded 9/11. It would make his fantasy more believable and more comforting for his fans if they did not.

Having watched events unfold from the republican side I was never in any doubt that the ballot-box would require the end of the aramlite. And I never doubted that the leadership knew that and were working for that.

But I wouldn't mind if unionists bought ito O'Briens view. If the war is over because we are afraid of the Americans then the war is over isn't it.

So let's get down to business.

Madradin Ruad

He's a fascinating man with much to offer.

Madradin Ruad

Henry - the ending of the strategy of SF's "we are almost there, give us some more or else" concurrent with IRA activity came AFTER 9/11.


"President Bush took a firm and consistent line against terrorism, a subject about which his immediate predecessors had been consistent only in their shilly-shallying."

i think youll find bushs shilly shallying pre 911 was bordering on negligent.


... I am waiting for someone to jump in with the usual line about what an OUTRAGEOUS and out-of-touch man CCO'B is!

For my part, I think he's got breadth -of-vision and a generosity that is almost entirely absent in Irish politics, north or south.



Apart from the fact that he has been more often wrong than right on predictions for Northern Ireland. I remember his infamous Sunday Times article just after the original IRA ceasefire of 1994 in which he confidently predicted a doomsday strategy was unfolding that would lead to thousands of deaths within a period of about 6 months. He is also very wrong on President Bush. He has continued to claim that Bush will not tolerate the UK and Irish govts. doing deals with terrorists when it is clear to anyone that Bush has happily gone along with the decisions of the UK and Irish governments. The truth being that Northern Ireland and how our 2 governments deal with it simply doesn't bother Bush that much.


Where he was right was in suggesting to the Unionists that they should consider a united Ireland.

They would have a government with no Hain, and no Sinn Fein.

Hugh Green

He's an important figure in Irish history.


"generosity" ????


...mentioning generosity and O/T:
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David Vance

Good one Jo - will check it.

David Vance


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Nice pick Jo.

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David Vance

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