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November 06, 2005


Madradin Ruad

Should be a red line issue.


If any issue deserves a mass protest at Belfast City Hall, it's this one.
It's absolutely vile.


Agreed - this is the worst thing I can think of the government doing.

Those people who bombed Eniskillen should return only if they are tried and punished.

That is the only fair thing.


David Vance

Can I say that I sincerely believe that all those concerned SHOULD be permitted to return home.

Then tried, convicted and the only pity is our cowardly politicians won't implement the death penalty. Life in prison is a poor second but it will do. Anything else should be unacceptable.

The Troll

To allow this to happen is to give permission for terrorists to continue to kill with impunity


What are we going to do.

Justice is the number one. We can't let killers walk without trial and punishment.

For any crime of the magnitude of these.

It is morally wrong and morally offensive.

Something has to be done to stop this.


Madradin Ruad

How come the Bush Administration hasn't deported O'Hare and any other OTRs back to the UK ? They talk tough against terrorists yet allow them to visit - there's an interesting picture here - http://www.ncafp.org/.

David Vance


Leave it to me.


The amnesty is bad enough but what is more sickening is the possibility that our soldiers will be pursued by Cherie's cronies in the taxpayer-funded 'human rights' industry in the so-called Historical Review i.e. every soldier will have to account for every bullet used and every order received from superiors. This will make the £200m Bloody Sunday inquiry look like a bargain.


I am upset that this man is finding refuge here in the US. Very upset!

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