October 03, 2005


Mike  Cunningham

The problem being that the Labour Government, prone as it always has been to minority pressure-groups, is feeling particularly vulnerable in Wales after the disastrous General Election results.
In Blaenau Gwent, a former Labour Party member ran as an Independent after being excluded from the Labour candidacy by means of an all-women short list, and then trounced the Labour candidate by winning the seat with a majority of 9,000 plus, from a previous Labour majority of over 19,000! Elsewhere in Wales, Labour lost four other safe seats, and their position in the Welsh Assembly is a little rocky as well, with their budget being challenged by a combined Opposition strength of 31, to Labour's 29, so they are gonna' have to give a little just to get their budget passed! Looks to me that their favourite pet, the Devolved Assembly, is getting ready to stand up and bite it's parent on the arse!
So if there's a chance of looking Wales- and Welsh-friendly, they're gonna' jump at it, and to hell with what others think or believe!


I'm not sure they'll go with this absurd proposal. The Welsh language heartlands do not coincide with the Labour heartlands. Most monoglot Welsh Labour voters will be strongly opposed to this.

Mike  Cunningham

Don't know if you're correct in your final observation, Peter; just check the huge anmount of money paid out to subsidise S4C, which serves an 11% of Welsh viewers, despite costing many millions! The trouble is, it was put in place by a conservative Government, which goes to show they're all susceptible to both mistakes and pressure!

Ultonian Scottis American

I have no problem with this, as long as it mainly affects Cymraeg speaking areas. (Or is it Cymru? My P-Celtic is worse than my Q-Celtic.)

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