October 15, 2005



Totally agree David.


Well spotted David.

Typical biased BBC.

Mike  Cunningham

When the state-sponsored national broadcaster uses well-known IRA/SF phrases such as "the armed struggle" and "the peace process", as well as that all-time favourite "weaponry put beyond use", as though they are the true word from the mouth of the oracle; instead of the parrotted sayings from the apologists for a bunch of gangsters, what else do you expect?

David Vance


Quite right. It's their use of such language which fascinates but appalls me.

Madradin Ruad

David - the pedant in me says that they might just be OK in what they said - It could be argued that when they write "the IRA's move to follow a purely political path" they have only said that the IRA is moving but have not said they have arrived. But it's tenuous.

Any small chance that Loyalism could have any political future was removed with the killings of McMichael and Smallwood IMO.

Michael Collins

Has Mr.Ervine got a big black slug crawling between his upper lip and nose.
Someone tell him ;)

Madradin Ruad

It's been announced that the association will continue. http://www.breakingnews.ie/2005/10/15/story225657.html

David Vance


So, no change there. They remain a disgrace.

Madradin Ruad

Yes ...and Hain will continue to turn a blind eye. I think they have decided to accept that these bozos are at the same stage the provos were at 5 years ago and wait them out in the same way as they waited for SF and the IRA and turned a lot of blind eyes towards their crimes.

The Troll

David any luck on getting an honest radio or telivision show started that might be able to show the folly of some of the more assinine things said on the bbc and by the politicians

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