October 24, 2005



Cameron is doing well. He has been endorsed by Thatcher's political assassin (Heseltine), and now he receives endorsement from the man who ruined her political legacy.


Oh David - don't you think the Conservatives were living on borrowed time from the moment Mrs T was made to stand down?

David Vance


I do. It was an act of party political suicide and I said so at the time. Those who stabbed Thatcher in the back - like Heseltine, Howe and Patten sealed the fate of their Party for possibly decades. Unbelievably, they are now treated as grandees and afforded an easy ride by the leftist UK media.

Sean Fear

Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of it, it was indeed an act of unbelievable political stupidity.

Enoch Powell put it well when he said "And from tha deed of blood, a curse descended on her successors."


DV- good to hear that net loss spelled out so clearly. It makes you think of Major captions- "oops, where did I put that party sized group of MP's Maggie gave me". Historians will see him for what he is/was. He'll be a popular A-Level question (should such things still happen to exist)- a nice small topic with cartoons to describe, gossip, and plenty of extreme adjectives like 'incompetent', 'ridiculous', 'hypocritical' etc (assuming, that is, a revival in the art of spelling).


You guys seem to forget that when Thatcher was deposed at the end of 1990 the Tories were miles behind in the opinion polls and heading for certain defeat at the next election. Major managed to turn that around and win the 1992 election. Give the guy some credit.

Patrick Crozier

This ERM. That wouldn't be the one we joined in October/November 1990 ie while Thatcher was still PM, and left in September 1992, would it?

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