September 29, 2005



I was thinking what you were thinking before I read the second paragraph.


No doubt vandalized by someone who considers themself an open-minded liberal.

Mike  Cunningham

Whilst talking about the Countryside Alliance, did anyone listen to the piece on 'Today' regarding the next target for the anti-hunting lobby?
Yes, it's game-bird rearing and shooting which is coming under the scrutiny of our fur-and-feathered friends of the League against Cruel Sports! This woman from the L.A.C.S. spouted on about how it is totally cruel to raise birds in cages and then in runs, in order to let them be sent to estates all over the United Kingdom for shooters to kill!
There was a lukewarm defence of the 'Status Quo' from some bloke named Knight, who is a Govt. Minister (never actually heard of him before, but that's not suprprising as they tend to come out of the woodwork when called), so we can now guess that within a two-year period, there'll be another 'Hunting'-type Bill heading toward the statute books, as these lobby types have got one scalp under their belts, and they're going looking for a second!
Don't get me wrong when I state that I held no heavy opinions either way on the whole Hunting deal, except that it seemed fairly silly to allege the fox died cruelly, when that is exactly the death the fox meets out to his own victims, whether furred or feathered!

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