September 01, 2005


Mark Holland

Er, Washington DC isn't. The article says the incident took place in Washington State. A quite different place altogether.

I know it's early David.


Plus - it's just gross.



David didn't say Washington DC.


Why do you have to spoil a clearly valid point by trying to claim 'liberals' would approve of this. You know full well that 99.9% of people across the spectrum Right and left would be appalled at this and would be against it. Amongst the 0.01% of those who would have no objection would be the Libertarian Right. Would it be fair to generalise that 'Right wingers favour Bestiality?

Mark Holland

Colm, yes he did but he's corrected it now. I posted that comment at about 06:15; you have to get up early in the morning to spot David's mistakes. ;-)

Don't mean to labour here David. I really enjoy the passion that comes through when reading ATW and so can forgive the odd slip here and there.


Is it logically impossible that the guy was a Republican?

Or could that be more liberal horses**t??


..actually, out of interest (nothing more) I searched under "horses" and "sex" in Google
- a mere 2,090,000 hits.

So thats all right then...

Mike  Cunningham

Note to self 1,

Seems to be a comment on the male species in Washington, if they're forced to put it to a horse to get their jollies, as it were!

Note to self 2.

Maybe he was just suffering from really bad eye-sight, or a misunderstanding of the term "horserider"


It is because of Human exceptionalism that we have the capacity and right to do that to animals.

At any rate, there is no mandate for enforcing human exceptionalism. If someone fails to hold onto it of their own accord, that's their own loss.

People have the right to degrade themselves.


Surely all just a bit of harmless horseplay!


...did he think: "Oh my, she has a face like a horses's arse but hey, shes alone in the field, its late, I know what shes looking for...." ;)


Can you link to these liberal commentators who are for horse sex please David. I just want to know who they are and discount their opinion for good.

Isn't it still legal in Texas to marry your horse? Does the bestiality classification change if you are married to the horse?



I'm sorry to have to do this to one of my favourite romantic songs, but....

"I know it's late, I know you're weary
I know your stable has no room for me..
Still here we are, both of us lonely
Longing for shelter from all that we see
Why should we worry, no mare will care girl
I look at your ears, long lovely and grey...
We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow?
We've got tonight babe
Why don't you neigh...?


"human beings are unique, special, and of the highest moral worth in the known universe--a concept known as "human exceptionalism."

And considering your view between the left and the right that must make you amongst the elite moral people within the known universe David - wow what is that saying considering self-praise?


Very good Jo

Now do you want to try Red Red Rum....Goes to my head!

Mike  Cunningham

As you are female, the mind-picture which evolved from your bowdlerized rendition gives me some concern, mainly for the horse!

David Vance


Modesty forbids me replying.....



Its your choice: I can give you Red Rum or I can give you...oh neva mind lol


...Shergar aah honey honey.. you are my candy mare! and you got me wanting you...



LOL, I keep thinking of Gene Wilder and that sexy sheep!

There is a SERIOUS issue relating to Prof. Singer and his ethical philosophy which JOBLOG shall address in my occasional series of posts on ethical issues :)



You know how sometimes there is a ceremonial prize given to the millionth visitor to a supermarket, is there one you coould award to a n ATW regular for the millionth mention of their blog :)

Mike  Cunningham


You might name it the Positively Last Unitary Gobbledegook award, or P.L.U.G. for short!

Ultonian Scottis American

Don't forget to condemn all the people that have sex with cucumbers and watermelons - they're different species, too!

Here in the US, folks are breast-beating over horse slaughtering for human consumption. PUH-LEEZ!!!

As for the activities leading to the man's death, it seems that such activity only thins the herd of the participants.


I wonder if the man in question adopted the carrot and stick approach?


Well he certainly got his oats!



Mr Ed is on Oprah, talking for the first time about what he had to go through to land his first acting job!

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