September 29, 2005



I don't know if things are different in British prisons, but in the US, being sent to the Big House for harming or molesting children is a guarantee that you are going to be given a substantial amount of abuse from your fellow inmates. I almost relish the idea of thinking about the hell that will be his life for the next forty years.


Hear hear, child-killers can never ever do enough with the remainder of their worthless lives to redeem what they have done.

My own daughter saw some of this bastard's trial coverage on TV and used to mutter about wanting to "see if Huntley was still in jail"...truly a bogeyman figure, but, horrifically one from real-life not fantasy.

Surely to God no sane person will now or ever campaign for his release.


"Hear hear, child-killers can never ever do enough with the remainder of their worthless lives to redeem what they have done."

Then there is no reason to imprison them as prison is there for you to serve your debt.

So you agree with David on the UK re-introducing the death sentence?



I am unsure if the issue of child rape or killing can be distinguished in law from *ordinary* killings, however horrific.

I can understand the clamour that there would be for various crimes to qualifiy for the death penalty, were that class of punishment to be readmitted to the statute book. I am persuadable on child killers receiving that penalty. Meantime, I hope he lives a long time and is mentally tortured by what he did before he begin post-mortem torture.


Would you agree with 40 years fixed sentence and castration?

United Irelander

It should have been at least 400 years.

Madradin Ruad

Huntley is a sick man who should be in jail for the rest of his life. But I have to ask - is he any worse than Sean Kelly or Gerry Kelly or their loyalist equivalents? No.He's sick, they are evil. In fact I'm amazed that this Judge has had the bravery in Blair's Britain to be as firm as laying down a minimum of 40 years.


I'm not for capital punishment but sometimes I do wonder...


I dont think its the place of the legal system to indulge the sadistic wishes of Sun readers.

Madradin Ruad

Good point Jo. People like Garfield are no better than the riff-raff crippling people with baseball bats and Hurleys sticks. People like Garfield would have had Hay Gordon tortured and killed for a crime he didn't commit.


Your being a bit unfair on Garfield. reading the comments above he hasn't actually stated what he thinks about the death penalty.


If Huntly had committed his vile murders in our wee Ulster he'd be looking at 20 years max. He should have asked for his trial to be held in Belfast.



I appreciate that this will be cpntroversial but, as you raise other issues with Huntley: if Adam's would-be assassin had in fact killed him back in 1984, the SF/IRA would have lost a very key strategist without whose determination and ability it might have been much more difficult to have any ceasefire or any move away from pure militarism.

Someone less smart than GA might not have realised that as David said, the game was up for the IRA from 9-11. I think therefore that elements of Gerry's later life has proved productive and positive but it is not for me or anyone mortal to determine whether what he has done in terms of achieving an end to violent conflict will be "set against" his early activities and involvement in murder.

On the other hand I can see no "reparation" possible for what Huntley did.

Madradin Ruad

Jo - don't talk wet.
Adams has been manoeuvring from long before 9/11.
No Adams ?
No big loss.
After all the IRA were LOSING.

Dregs every bit as bad as Huntley - worse IMO as they don't have the excuse of being sick - were released from prison under the Belfast Agreement.

If anybody from SF wants to challenge me on this - I'll ask them to name the people who were involved in the abduction of those twin kids from School and the horrific murder of the boy with the learning difficulties so that they can share a cell with Huntley. Not just the thugs involved but the ones who approved the action or who covered up that crime .


Which poor guys were those?

The Phantom


Concur. Strongly.


United Irelander


You seem to have become more anti-Republican in recent times. Would I be accurate in that assessment?

Madradin Ruad

No UI - I'm anti the hypocrisy we see at the moment in airbrushing and sanitising what happened here. There are republicans I respect and even admire, there are republicans I despise .Just as there are equivalents in the unionist community. I won't give Sean Kelly and his like a bye because of decent republicans any more than I would turn a blind eye to their loyalist equivalents because of decent Unionists.

Jo - Bernard taggart- Belfast - 15 year old Catholic boy, with learning age of 8. Saw robbery - and like a lot of kids with his condition was very aware of right and wrong. Called out "I'm telling on youse". IRA abducted him and his twin brother from their School in West Belfast and shot him - he was found dying in Belfast Zoo. Now we know who Ed Moloney claims set up the people responsible for crimes like that. For 30 years SF denied that it was anything to do with the IRA, now it has been claimed and they accept that the IRA did wrong.


assigning views or attitudes to me that aren't my own is called prejudice.

I sincerely hope you are not a prejudiced person although all the indications to date are that you are.

Why don't you instead show a bit of civility and ask me my views.

There is no justification for your slurring me but maybe you just can't help yourself?

Madradin Ruad

Garfield - Your question in itself betrayed your views. Is that too difficult for you to understand ?


Why don't you show me how clever you are and tell me what you think my views are.

Something tells me you're not as smart as you think (people generally aren't so don't take it personally) because I certainly would not have had Hay Gordon tortured and killed for a crime he didn't commit for a start.

Madradin Ruad

First things first - How about having the Courage and manners to address the Bendy Bully Thread ?

Madradin Ruad

I certainly would not have had Hay Gordon tortured and killed for a crime he didn't commit for a start.

I didn't say you would - I said people LIKE you - many of those with the Sun-Reading Mentality......

Your histrionic "fixed sentence and castration" reminded me of your yapping about absentee landlords which has already tied you in knots.

David Vance


You're both good contributors but knock off the ad homimen stuff .. please.

Madradin Ruad

David - I'd like Garfield to have the manners to admit he was wrong on that previous thread and to admit that he is wrong on this one.

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