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July 30, 2005


The Troll

The prisons are a recruiting ground for terrorists. What also needs to be stated is that the primary version of Islam that is preached in the prisons is the Wahabi sect. The problem in the states is even worse. They are active in recruiting members into their ranks amongst black american prisoners that aren't even muslim. What they do is sell the protection aspect of the group in prison. You join the Muslim brotherhood in the jail and they protect you. In the mean time it suplies the Islamofacists with a recruiting base of uneducated easily manipulated career criminals. They buy into the teachings believing they are joining a group that gives them strength and power in society. The aspect of placing the blame on everyone else is just a reinforcing of what the black leaders in this country have been telling there constituants for decades. That it is not their fault it's the white mans fault and the institutional racisim that causes them not to mary the mothers of their children, not to stay in school and get an education, to sell drugs because no one will hire them, that they can't achieve anything on their own because the man won't let them. But if they join the Islamofacist movement they will be able to achieve success through Allah and Jihad


I will add that the few black muslims that I've had dealings with in the City of Brotherly Love have a very bizarre isolation thing going on. They don't mix with non-muslims if at all possible.

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