June 26, 2005



They prefer the colonial oppressor to the loving arms of their African brothers. I wonder why.

David Vance


Isnt that so odd? I'm also sure it has nothing to do with the generous welfare provisions that the UK provides. Shouldn't there be a campaign to "Make Mugabe History" and that Mbeki leads it?


Or they could throw themselves on the benevolent mercy of their new benefactors in China....


I think they could really do with a news Rhodes- ironically enough. Mugabe'd run with his tail between his legs if a white guy walked in and told him, backed by a hundred guns or so, that he was a corrupt, loser old man, who'd better run before they shot him. I think it would take very little effort really. I don't know if you've been following, but I'm a fan of the Perry de Havilland Samizdata school of conflict resolution.

The Zimbabwean people (I suspect) are really much more amenable to inter-racial cooperation than to Mugabe's dated racist message. Might even give that white man and his friends some nice spare land somewhere.

Are you and your friends doing anything much this summer by the way? African holiday, anyone?


Ed, I think it's more likely to be a Chinese man, backed by 100 guns, than a white man.


Well with China's glorious military record...


Steve, could you post a link that explains/describes this relationship. I know I asked you about it the other day, but I forget which thread it was on. Sorry if you already did this elsewhere, but I'm curious.



The Chinese are piling into Zimbabwe with military aid and are being rewarded by Mugabe with access to Zimbabwe's markets and possibly land as well.

Zim bloggers are saying thet the businesses have been bulldozed to make way for Chinese traders.

Have a look at this and follow the links:



Thanks Steve, I will follow up. I did come across another article re: arms sales from China to Zimbabwe in the Washington Times and a later denial from China as far as the truth of the matter. I knew about the increased trade deals...but nothing else.


Many Zimbabweans used to go to South Africa for work during the 80s and 90s. Adding the fact that education was pretty good in Zimbabwe to the fact that a generation of South African blacks had boycotted schools made them highly desirable for employment.

Of course this did not go down too well with black South Africans and the result was that severe immigration restrictions were imposed. Result: immigration fell and many people were forced to return.

There is another possibility. Despite the low key condemnation of Mugabe by Mbeki, the ANC has repeatedly cheered Mugabe on and demanded it's own land reclamation programme. The recent elections were declared safe by SA Observers (hand picked to ensure this result). In other words, Zimbabwean dissidents may well feel that they will not get a sympathetic hearing if they run to SA.

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