June 28, 2005


The Troll

Isn't it supposed to be Saint Paul an Saint Bono now?

David Vance

They're all saints and we're the sinners, Troll!


If this was about helping people and not ego, these people would quietly write checks to charity organizations in the millions and keep their stinking mouths shut about it without expecting everyone to celebrate them for their supposed compassion.


Slightly off thread, but it annoys me that people claim the Beatles to be the "greatest and most innovative band ever".

They weren't bad but they weren't that. The only really decent album they ever did was Abbey Road.


Battle of the Pauls. Saw Paul H. on one of the Sunday news shows...comparing G8 to the Super Bowl. Bit of a strange analogy. His comments suggested that one of the goals of this endeavor is to raise awareness so that Bush & company would agree to up the % of the GDP contributed to African-related schemes. With that said, he was mostly complimentary toward the Bush Administration and praised the efforts thus far and the manner in which they were implemented. But, he said, if Bush did more...he'd deserve a place in history.
I haven't heard him speak in any great length in awhile. He wasn't a complete dolt...he referred to Bush's missionary-style of foregin policy, which has been a topic of many a talking heads late.
Any way, as for the other Paul...off with his head!

David Vance


That's EXACTLY how I see it! Showing compassion for others can be done without performing in front of an audience and cheering fans.

Danny Giesbrecht

Perhaps they think their fame will bring more awareness to the issue of poverty? It's messed up but some people are more likely to help out if a celebrity is involved in the cause.


I don't think anybody has "learned" that Africa is a poverty-stricken continent because of Bono or Bob Geldof.

The Troll

Yeah Bono wasw on meet the depressed wit Tim Russert. He was very complimentry towards bush to the point of praise But as I said on the other thread he wanted 1 billion dollars to kill mosquitos and an aditional 3 billion dollars for water purification. When qustioned by Russert about all the billions of dollars winding up in Swiss bank accounts He said we could distribute the money and aid ourselves through NGOs.

Except of course everywhere this has been tried it fails.

pretty good desire to spend our tax money from someone who doesn't pay any.

The Troll

The Troll

oh just a side note The African American Venders Association of Phila is having a fit and screaming racism and other things here in Philly because the City refuses to wave the $700 vendor fee for the Starving8 concert here.

One thing though the city of Phila. is controlled by African Americans to put it as our lustriuos Mayor put it "The Brothers an Sisters are runnin this city now" so how could it be racist?

The Troll

Madradin Ruad

McCartney and Bono are hugely over-rated. McCartney hasn't been in the frame since the Beatles split and Bono ? When was he ever IN the the frame ? If U2 hadn't had the "Aaaah, they're Irish" feel-good factor they'd just be another competent and nothing special band. Ya want that sort of music ? Gerry Rafferty "City to City" rules, OK ?


Bob Geldof is organizing Live8 to bring awareness of poverty in Africa.

Uh-huh, tell us Bob, something we weren’t already aware of.

Twenty years ago, Live Aid raised $100 million in African relief funds. Twenty years later, poverty, famine and disease are still major problems in Africa. Live8 an entertaining idea is not likely to make any significant or lasting progress to reducing poverty in Africa. To borrow a quote from on of my favorite liberal: It's a QUAAAAAAGMIRE! There's no end in sight! There's no plan!

Geldolf has stated the Live8 shows will “enable ordinary people to show the G8 that enough is enough, and demand from the 8 world leaders in G8 an end to poverty”. I am not sure how this rhetoric, disguised as pop concerts will pressure the G8 on policy options of dubious merit. You Go Bob! I strongly suspect the “ordinary people” aren’t showing up for the concerts because of an overwhelming desire to end poverty. With a Philly line up notably including: JayZ, LinkinPark, Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5 and Rob Thomas, I’m going for the music, NOT the rhetoric.

What Africa needs is a genuine economic development that can be sustained over a long period of time. Nations have been throwing money into the money pit that is Africa for twenty years, and still the problem exists. What impact has this non stop flow of financial aid had upon the African continent?
The most glaring result of subsidies is the dependence of the recipient countries upon the benefactor. IMF and World Bank loans and grants are doled out based on the incidence of poverty and because of this, leaders of third world countries can assure financial transfers only by staying within the loan/grant criteria. Thereby creating the Welfare Nation. Foreign aid provides socialist leaders the means to remain in power, impoverish their country and get paid while doing it. THIS IS TAXPAYER MONEY SUPPORTING SOCIALIST DICTATORS AROUND THE GLOBE!
In Zimbabwe, the US Agency for International Development estimates that foreign "assistance" accounts for close to 15% of its GDP. A huge incentive to keep the impoverished, well, impoverished. The political structure will always favor the continuance of aid, rather than the repeal of financial aid.
Loans doled out to Africa by the World Bank and IMF, intended to induce economic improvements. Instead the loans reward poverty. Leaders of poor nations who had not already enacted market reforms, despite the destitution of their populations, were obviously not interested in the welfare of the people. Putting them on the dole changes rewards the status quo. Dumping boatloads of money to the destitute nations of Africa does little to affect the state of poverty in these nations. The only cure, besides some really great musical lineups, is to allow the citizens to create and keep their own wealth. Something few third world dictators or liberal would welcome: the embrace of eeevil capitalism.

Merely throwing money at the problem has never, in the whole history of humanity, helped one damn bit.


Revealing article in the Spectator about where a lot of aid money ends up in Africa.


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