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June 30, 2005


Hugh Green

That was six weeks ago!! I've heard absolutely nothing. Ten days ago, I contacted the Shipley office (leaving a message) by phone to check whether they had received my application and I asked them to contact me to let me know of their decision.

Maybe Mr Davis wants eager young out-of-the-box go-getters. It seems that despite your qualifications, you may be lacking in this department.

You should have been on the blower the following day after sending the application to see if it had arrived yet. Then you should have kept badgering the office twice daily until you got a reply.

Failing a response, you should have gone down to the office, thundering 'would someone tell me whose **** do I have to **** to hear something about my application??!!'

Dignity and political ambition don't mix, I'm afraid. But you can always re-write history once you get into a position of power.

There's still time. You can do it.


Andrew McCann


He isn't even aware of ATW. Care to share your prowess in telepathy with the rest of us?

PS. Are your telepathic powers greater than your talent in writing suitable messages for this thread?



how do you know he isn't aware?

Andrew McCann


Then again he might do. So much for the country of free speech.

Andrew McCann


No, I omitted ATW from my CV because of its irrelevance. A bit like your responses to the thread.

Andrew McCann

Because professionalism involves subordinating your personal life, opinions, and circumstances for the good of the job.

It's how every human being operates.


Good morning Mr Davis
I think you would be interested to know that a would-be volunteer, Mr Andrew McCann, has castigated your failure to acknowledge his CV on his personal website


under the heading "Different Circles" Perhaps you could respond to Mr McCann or at least read his website and his comments on Mr Davis and the Bradford Conservatives. You may also wish to refer to legal advice given the content of his views, which of course may help explain why his volunteering is not required!
With best wishes,

David Vance


Sorry to interrupt but just one point.

1. I own ATW - if you wish to claim this site espouses what you suggest please find the courage to put your name and address to your post and we will deal with it.



Consequently, my qualifications in the politics field are actually greater than those obtained by the new Member of Parliament.

He is an elected MP. You have not managed to obtain employment of any sort in the political field. I think "MP" is a greater political qualification than a couple of bits of paper handed out by a leftist ivory tower.

decent ulster unionist

Andrew no one owes you a job. Maybe its your attitude that cost you the position.


Actually a 'First' degree and a Masters in International Relations is a pretty fair achievement .

I'd have thought that, combined with a record in living the in the real world would guarantee some interest. Let's not forget the post is that of 'researcher'- and Andrew has real success in that area to boast of. Tbe only problem I can see is that (to me anyway) the kind of position we're talking about is usually a stepping stone taken early in someone's professional life, rather than being a career goal. Thus they tend to prefer ambitious new graduates for those positions (as it seems to me).

Danny Giesbrecht

Andrew sounds like a spoiled kid. At least he acklowledges that ATW is IRRELEVANT. Get out more.



I'd say they took one look at your qualifications and said you were over qualified education-wise.

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