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May 31, 2005



Mothers who stay at home to look after the kids aren't counted as being unemployed.

It should also be pointed out that unemployment rates among Catholics have declined at a faster rate than those for Protestants. Concentrating on that line might be more advised than slamming the "Fenian bastards".

Incidentally I write this as an southern atheist with no particular interest about who has jurisdiction over Norn Iron.


1. You don't understand ratios Andrew. You can only work them out if you know the percentage religious makeup of the overall workforce as well as those actively seeking jobs. You don't have either here so you would be laughed out of any maths lecture with that bit of logic.

2. The Catholic baby boom has nothing to do with it. These people would not be registered as actively seeking work so don't come into the figures.

3. "Nationalists are predominant in the rural west of Northern Ireland. Rural unemployment is a common factor across the whole of the United Kingdom."

There is merit in this but the fact that nationalist West Belfast in the east is also the most deprived area would indicate there is more to this than geographical location. Also, you don't hear other people in the UK denying official statistics which show inequality exists.

4. "Unemployment rates are also greater in the western areas of the Irish Republic. Do nationalists claims a bias there also?"

Irish citizens do claim there is a bias all the time which is why there are policies to move investment and job opportunities west to make things more equal. The western rail corridor is to be reopened, for example, and population of the west is expected to grow 35% in the next 15 years as a result of making the west better. Nobody ignores it and nobody acts like you and pretends the figures showing there is inequality are wrong. They try and address them rather than spending their energy putting up smoke screens that try and cover up the inequality.



I know you don't post on slugger anymore, but Mick has lifted your thread above and embroidered it onto the fabric of slugger where it has stimulated a complex mathematical debate.

Even when you leave Slugger. Slugger doesn't leave you.


Andrews comments don't tell us much we didn't already know...about him.

His mathematics is sub-'o' level ballderdash;

He hates nationalists and catholics and has no wish to seek an accommodation with them; and

He has zero sympathy for umemployed people of any religion or none.



Is it unfair for those of us who are familiar with your to describe your role on TTW as that of David Vance's gimp ?

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