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May 17, 2005



Are you fed up with the sanctiminous twaddle spouted by Sir Bob Geldof?



Although I agree that Geldof has always thought too much of himself, I think there are several things to say for Bob which Bonehead can't lay claim to.

Bob supported Bush, certainly giving him praise over his AIDS package for Africa in preference to the normally beatified Clinton. This made the Beeb quite sniffy, which was funny.

Second, Bob joined in the anti-Euro campaign, quite prominently and unabashed.

Third, Bob told Museveni- Uganda's PM- to quit because he'd had his time and was too old.


All these things show that Sir Bob has an independent noddle, and isn't really in the same category as Bonehead.

Plus, he has a gorgeous daughter.


The State is for doing collectively what we can't do individually. Therefore the State should give (almost) no "aid": it's up to us. The exception is a case such as the sending of an RN vessel to help out after the tsunami. Otherwise, nowt. Put your hand in your own pocket, Bob.

beano; EverythingUlster.com

Isn't this just another trendy hippy who wants to sound all compassionate and caring and spread the love without giving much thought to the practicalities or the economics?

Not as bad as John "Imagine no posessions" Lennon though, I've been told his accountant said he was a tight-fisted bastard.

David Vance


Yeah - I loathed Lennon. "Imagine no possessions"!!!!!


On some fronts he actually is OK - so fair points. Not sure about his daughter - I'll research that!

There was more sanctimonious twaddle served up in this condemnation of Geldof's efforts than I've ever heard from any of the outspoken rockers themselves. It read like one of those pathetic offering of that plank Jasper Gerard in the Sunday Times.

The Troll

Rock Stars, Musicians, Actors their the worlds consieance I mean come on over indulgance in Drugs, Sex, and autograph seeking zombies proves that they know much more than the rest of us I mean come on ask Barbara Striesand she will tell Geldoff is right besides it's all Bush's fault.

The Troll

Phil Hunt

"""Geldof, like Bonehead Bono, appears to be harbouring the illusion that anybody gives a toss what he thinks!"""

You evidently give a toss what he thinks, or you wouldn't be writing about it. Ditto the Daily Telegraph.

Squander Two

I thought Bono praised Bush as well.

Anyway, broadly right, except that Geldof's The Great Song Of Indifference is a brilliant song. It's from about 1992, I think.

David Vance

Squander Two,

You're right about that song - it was good, but it was also 13 years ago!


On some fronts he actually is OK - so fair points. Not sure about his daughter - I'll research that!

And how exactly will you research that David ?

He he

Tom Shave

He claims we are disgraceful because we are wealthy and comfortable, which to an extent is true. We are also in a society where people can become vastly, hideously rich, as rich as nations.

Like Bob Geldof.

I wish he'd fuck off telling people who are trying to pay mortgages, send their kids to university, afford a holiday to give away their hard earned money and get disgusting, sanctimonius celebrities like himself and Chris Martin to give away some of their millions.

Raising awareness is the hypocritical excuse of white millionaires to prance around with a holier than thou attitude.

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