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April 22, 2005



"man", "male"....?

David Vance


I suspect that you may well be right! If this is her idea of a "term of endearment" I bet you wouldn't want to hear her curse!


Its not unusual for offensive words to be used amongst friends. It happens everyehere. In the US black men especially often use the word Nigger (or Nigga) to each other but no white person could ever do it and walk away unharmed.

While at Uni there I was in a good (mixed) group of friends were religious slurs were used for friendly shock banter ('you Taig fuckwit', 'you protestant black bastard'). Admittedly when I type these out now, removed from context, they seem very harsh and rather confrontational but nothing at the time was meant by them. But like I said you wouldnt dare use these words or phrases to someone you didnt know as you would be certain to offend.

Context is everything in things like this.

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