April 18, 2005


At least you can't complain you're being kept out of MENSA on account of a 50/50 rule....

Andrew McCann

That's true (LOL). Didn't come up to the mark.

Hugh Green


In fairness to Rodney McCune, I happen to know that DUP Jim Allister, Peter Weir and Nigel Dodds are all barristers, and it's not because I have regular run-ins with the law.


Maybe the explanation is that we've been mishearing the word as Barrister.

Michael Turley

I thought it was quite a pithy statement. I would almost have expected DV to come up with a similar observation.


I thought that the essence of what he was saying was what you Andrew were saying in 'Mind Your Own Bloody Business!' that Irish polticians should stay out of the North. The fact that he says trhat he agrees on this issue with Gerry Adams is beside the point. On this issue (and probably this issue alone) you also agree with Gerry Adams.

As for people making"constant repeats of a person's status or achievements" what about people who misleading repeats about achievement or status - sayin DR Ian Paisley?


I agree i dont care whether their barristers or milk men, are they up to representing the Unionist cause. Those people with the most to feel proud about are often the most bashful, my hero Field Marshal Alexander dropped into the United Services club in London in 1944 wearing civilian clothes, to be greeted by a friend who lived in Ireland "i havent heard of you since the war started, what have you been doing with yourself?" Britains highest ranking military man of World war 2, the supreme allied commander of the med smiled and said "im still soldiering" what an understatement. In 1947 he was in Hollywood watching a film being made about the war, he was wearing the uniform of a Field Marshal as he was due to inspect a guard of honour in San Francisco later that day, a camp old queen of an actor mistaking him for an extra slapped him on the back and demanded to know "whose your dresser?" "He must be a genius hes got your medals just as if they were real " He was happy to tell jokes at his own expense at after dinner speeches like this, a true giant sadly now largely forgotten.

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