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April 11, 2005


the Young Unionists

The Young Unionists believe that Sylvia can win here, Sylvia has wide appeal.

mr blobby

These are fascinating posts being stuck out all over the place by young unionists, sinn fein, sdlp and dup office boys at the behest of their leaders.

Truly fascinating

David Vance

Hope makes a good breakfast but a poor supper!

Chris Gaskin

Mr Blooby

Who exactly is posting on the orders of their party?


Sadly, we're the kind of political anoraks that need no prompting to do this, Your Blobbiness.

As if anyone reading this blog wouldn't have their mind made up already!


Oh yes, and North Down. Almost forgot.

Looks veeerrrrryyy interesting now. Couldn't care less if Sylvia loses it. She hasn't set my world on fire. Neither does Weir though, even if he has some interesting political background. Is it true he once had links to an organisation even further to the right than the DUP that's been in the news very recently?


You mean...Weir was in the Boys'Brigade!????

David Vance

The Real Boys Brigade, you mean?

Tim Grant

Are the Ulster Unionists starting to show signs of distress in North Down? Well their Union Flag is upside down on their website: http://www.northdownuup.org.uk. Could be an omen.

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