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April 18, 2005



There's a good expose of Galloway and his party by Nick Cohen in yesterday's Observer. Basically, Respect is the old SWP which has cynically taken on a pro-muslim tinge. Cohen links Galloway to Oswald Mosley - well worth a read:



Excellent article - thanks


Last I read of this prat was his visit to Bangladesh (recently named the most corrupt country in the world). With Saddam gone, could Bangladesh's 'indefatigable' leaders be the ass-licker's next sponsors?


I just stumbled across this site and have to admit I am very relieved. I spent the last six decades as a great admirer of the British people. (stiff upper lip and all that) Being an amateur military historian nhas only increased my admiration. Lately however I have been exposed to a number of y'all that have left me somewhat disillusioned. I mainly encountered these folks while visiting Iraqi blogs like Iraq The Model. The depth of their hatred for America in general and President Bush in particular is unbelievable. To find this site with common sense approachs to today's problems is refreshing.


"It does politics no good to take the Liberal Democrat position of opposing the war in Iraq, extolling the opinions of 'illegality', but being wholeheartedly glad Saddam is no longer in power. The two positions are, in fact, mutually exclusive."

I don't think they are mutally exclusive. I wouldn't condone a gang to beat up and killed a murderer or a pedophile (illegal activity) but I would be relieved that there was one less on the streets.

Overall I believe it comes down to legal processes. You say Andrew that you are a follower of the law (except when beating up teenagers who scratch your car) then these things should be taken down the legal route. If that doesnt work due to a gap or oversight in the legal process then it needs to be amended and tried again, and agin if necessary.

I absolutely do not hate the US or its people (soon to be my people since I married a US citizen and am legally going through the immigration process, building a life in the US etc) but isnt it kind of hypocritical that Bush keeps going on about "the cradle of life" while ignoring the genocide in the Sudan?

I totally agree that his European counterparts have been extremely spineless and ineffective in relation to this as well but I dont here them extolling their huge virtues and morals for life on an everyday basis while ignoring the genocide.

Michael I both disagree and agree with your positions. I most certainly do hear Europe going on and on about their virtues. Have they not claimed the high ground morally in regards to the war in Iraq? To decry Bush's hypocrisy in reference to Sudan is hypocrisy itself. He has been continually lambasted for doing something about the atrocities in Iraq and now the same people are asking why doesn't he do something about the atrocities in Sudan. Where is the U.N. and Europe? Why has the U.N. stated there is no genocide in the Sudan? If the U.N. was to make a decisive move to straighten out the mess in Sudan, Who do you think would end up supplying the majority of the resources? It is nothing more than political gamesmanship to tie any action to the International Court.

Andrew McCann


I have great respect for the law. What I despise is the absence of law designed to protect innocent citizens. It is in that light that my actions against adolescent vandals should be seen.

Your analogy about paedophiles doesn't stand up because I was talking about the question of 'illegality' in the strict context of international law.

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