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April 18, 2005



Sounds a bit like the reporter who the got a rushed White House pass and who then asked Bush patsy questions at every opportunity. Turned out:

1. He wasn't a reporter at all.
2. He was a female impersonator.

But how the White House loved his questions while the scam lasted!


What ever happened to that Gannon fellow? Was there ever an investigation as to how and why he received such free access to the White House?


Mairin, are you kidding?

Watch out for the latest on Fox (lol).


nah...I've been away. No news...until today...and it's a bit overwhelming ;o)~
I lost track of that story, I'll have to backtrack tomorrow and play catch-up. Truly a bizarre story!


The bit about his hair and age are the real correction. The bit about his name and job were added by "Oh, That Liberal Media"

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