February 21, 2005


Gerry O'Sullivan

It works the other way too, David. PSNI officers can be seconded into the Gardai.

Crime knows no borders throughout the island of Ireland, and if the criminals are to be challenged effectively, then it makes sense for the police forces in both jurisdictions to share resources. It's no threat to your sovereignty or to your British identity.

I love the headline in the Tele report:
"Garda officers on way to Ulster"
It sounds like thousands of Gardai are piling into squad cars and heading north as we speak!


Not sure I mind this. Secondments help organizations share best practice. They are only three-year secondments. We as unionists mustn't knee-jerk (DV I am not accusing you of that) at all forms of cooperation between NI and the Republic, where there are big gains to be had for NI. I am persuadable that in the area of crime there are big gains from NS working together. Also it may help NI nationalists to see that the rest of the world (rest of Ireland) does not consider the PSNI unacceptable, the only people who do are a small group (and a criminal group so they would oppose all policing!).


Gradualised unification? I can't see it myself - the net effect, if any, will be that the PSNI becomes marginally more acceptable to nationalists. Depicting the police in Orange sashes will become slightly more problematic.

David Gough

Sounds like a practicle idea, although I can't help thinking of the word wedge.

David Vance

I'm all for co-operation but this is a political move and we all know it. Where is the Unionist concern?



Political it may be, but the only group that need to be really worried about this are the criminals as far as I can see.

And in my books thats good news.

Btw- how dare you and Andrew disappear off on one of the most newsworthy weekends for a long time.

We need something to combat Mr. Mac Larnon on Slugger......

David Vance


Sods law, isn't it? As for Mr. MacLarnon - he is priceless - so far gone as to entertaining whilst simulaneously infuriating!

I'm all for cracking down on crime but I genuinely feel that politicians interfering and manipulating is harmful. Anyway, with Sinn Fein on the ropes, THAT is where all people of goodwill need to be concentrating - with a heave and a ho we can make them go..away..forever.


No need to panic David, you're Union is safe for quite a few years yet.

I think it's a good idea, improve cooperation, share knowledge etc. Makes sense.

Don't be so hard on Pat (it's McLarnon btw), he's one of the more entertaining reads on Slugger. IMHO.

Andrew McCann


The Union is non-negotiable at any time - PERIOD!! I agree with David, this is political strategy disguised as cross-border cooperation. Twas ever thus!



Everything is negotiable, provided the price is fair.
That said, I would prefer the Union to continue for the moment (and I'm speaking as a Mechican who moved North).

The politicians here and in London are marginally (only marginally mind you) better, but services etc. are vastly better. One of the greatest mistakes the FF gov did in 1979 was to abolish rates - it has caused massive local government funding issues - but thats a whole other story.

Very interesting comment about McLarnon on slugger a short while ago - questioning if he got paid for his services. He seems to be there every second ready to pounce with another comment supporting his favourite team.



What's a "mechican"?

"The Union is non-negotiable at any time - PERIOD!! "

Andrew, If a politician ever uttered that phrase you'd know he/she was about to throw Ulster into the clutches of Erin!


The Union must be in worse a shape than I ever thought if it is being threatened by a couple of Garda coming across the border, taking up an office space and maybe even spending the odd bit of Euro - damn them and their nationalist wiles........



Writing as someone who has become very accustomed indeed to having ones country (NI) run down, written off, compared unfavourably, etc., it is nice to have someone from the south say something positive for a change.

Thank you!!


"Mechican" - play on words and attempt at the Spanish pronunciation of Mexican - will leave you to work out the rest.

It may also please you to know that any time my siblings come up here with their families they are alway impressed with places such as W5, Cultra, American Folk park etc. Family oriented places such as these are very far apart south of the border and not as well manged IMHO.

As for the health service - we run the NHS down a lot (and I know DV wants it complely privatised), but it is heaps better than that in the South - which is in severe crisis mode and has been for a long time.

Local services are also much better managed - again largely I think through rates (even tho that has its problems). It does mean services such as bin collection and local leisure centres (e.g. Leisureplex) have a source of funding that is partially removed from central political interference.

Finally, I am much happier with the education system and its care of those with special needs (for reasons I really don't want to go into here). Care for children with Autistic Spectrum disorders, who can often go on and achieve as much or more than "average" kids is non-existant, whereas locally, provision at several levels are available.



I think the spanish word you meant to use is Gringo?


Mexican is the term used here to describe the various southerners working here.

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