January 29, 2005



Shirley Bassey? Good lord Andrew! Everything else you say pales in comparison! At least tell us that, of the two, you prefer to throw your underwear at Tom Jones!

Andrew McCann

I like Shirley Bassey! The only thing I ever throw my underwear at is the washing machine (LOL).


As is frequently the case with these sorts of lists, its say a lot more about the person who made it than the individual places.

Andrew McCann

Come on then, Jason, analyse me. Let's see how accuract you are.


Its nothing to do with regional defence its about accuracy. You suggesting Liverpool hasnt shown any support for Portadown. Were all "whistling hillbillies"etc What can you say to somebody who obviously thinks the so called comedy Bread is typical of how people in the city live! Fact---Without Liverpool there is no Loyalist/Unionist community in England. Yes there are small pockets of Loyalism in other towns, unlike yourself, they save up, have fund raisers all year just to visit this part of the world on the 12th, and their reaction is 100% positive.


Andrew, do you know how The Elk got its name?

David Gough

On the subject of Liverpool. I once worked for a guy who hailed from that fair (?) city. He still owns me two months wages.


Im sorry to here what happened to your wages David, i hope this hasnt given you a dislike of the whole city, or you base your judgement of Liverpool upon this? Any more than the thousands of people whose pensions and livelyhoods were destroyed by Robert Maxwell, would consider his behaviour typical of the Czech-Jewish community resident in the UK.

Andrew McCann


For goodness sake, calm down, calm down, eh, eh ,eh!! Rumour has it that the Girobank was chosen for Merseyside to cut down on postal charges (LOL).


Not jelous are you? Who the hell has heard of Calderdale/Halifax? Put your Shirley Bassey cd/dvd on!!! Shes riviting? Thats what she should be doing----riviting in a dock yard!

Andrew McCann

Scousee (or should that be Joey Boswell?)

You weren't one of those who hurled insults at Boris Johnson during his latest foray were you.

'Who the hell has heard of Calderdale/Halifax?'

Some people have heard of both but, frankly, neither are worth visiting.

Madradin Ruad

Not the Best Fish and chips Andrew. There's a superb Fish and Chip shop in Anstruther, Fife. Not the first one on the way to the harbour, the second one. Awesome. Toffs in Muswell Hill London was superb, not been for a couple of years, and There's a good Chippie in Barnard Castle.
NI - Portstewart 'Superfry' are excellent and Ballymoney the chippie outside the new Tescos have the best chips I have ever eaten!

David Vance


Now that's essential information...cheers, I'll remember those.

Madradin Ruad

Toffs Muswell Hill is fantastic David , Run by a cypriot Family, excellent takeaway and the sit-in does beautiful Turbot, Sole, Halibut etc. Not horribly expensive for London.


What's so good about the Elk?

Anndrew McCann


I had a great meal in there in 2001. One of the best pub lunches I've ever tried.


The Elkins who owned Elk for many years were old school publicans: all three brothers were strong friends of my father's. And they were all Donegal men. I'd vote for that, if not the pub itself.

My uncle's pub down in Bangor was run on similar lines, but is no longer in family hands. Daft Eddie's on Sketterick Island, and my own favorite, Big Neds in Holywood (also old friend's of my dad's), are excellent by modern standards, but I'm afraid that in general the quality is draining slowly from the trade.


Mick, I knew Norman Elkin for a number of years after they sold the pub. He died about four years ago - a genuine character of the old school. The family was originally from Moville in Donegal and I think there are still relatives up there.

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