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January 08, 2005


David Vance

Excellent...but could these guys have merely been lookalikes? I mean, poor Mr. Adams is so unlucky but then again, you only have to be unlucky once....


You know, for an organization (scare quotes around that one!) that's spent the last 35 years murdering, intimidating, torturing, bombing and kidnapping, funded in part by robbing banks, their offense at being accused of perpetrating a bank robbery involving kidnapping is rather...well, offensive.


Yeah, it's sort of like when Idi Amin sued a French magazine for defamation when they claimed he was addicted to eating oranges.


They lie when it suits them. The most recent example is the bank heist. Assuming Orde is right that it was the IRA, then:

1. Adams and McGuinness must have known within a couple of days of the robbery that the Provos were responsible.

2. They probably have a good idea of who was responsible.

This hasn't stopped them blustering that the IRA is innocent and that it's all got up by the "securocrats".

It's interesting that the IRA in its new year message didn't specifically deny the robbery.


Well done.

You know, back in 1997 I would have said of the republicans that although they are murderers and law-breakers, at least they are honest, and maybe have given them the benefit of the doubt. But since then they lie so blatantly that I don't trust a word they say anymore.

David Vance

When a republican says black - just think white. They are serial liars and always have been - as even the daft as a brush Kevin 0'Toolis admits.


David, the scales have fallen from a lot of peoples eyes. Not just this last month but over the last 5 years. That is why there is far more unionist unity today than there has been a long time.

Sinn Fein, ironically, are uniting their enemies. (Now can someone tell the DUP and UUP infighters?)

David Vance


Your last point is critical. I want to see the UUP/DUP unite around a central PRINCIPLE of throwing Sinn Fein./IRA out of the political process until such times as the IRA has disarmed and disbanded, verifiably and transparently. A united Unionist position on this would put Blair under pressure - a separatist approach by the DUP and UUP will allow the Government to continue with its appeasement of bankrobbing IRA scum.


You are right.

In fact a coalition of non-SF is possoble now. Unionists can engage with constitutional parties across these islands to build up a new consensus on how to move forward.

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