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January 10, 2005



Well done for the unreserved apology to Dr Tonge.
It'll be interesting to see if you get any answers to your other points.
I would also say that both you and David should be commended for using your full(and real) names when posting.
It's something that very few of the rest of us have the courage to do.

Madradin Ruad

Fair play to you Andrew.

David Vance


Well done for apologising to Dr.Tonge! We ALL make mistakes and in the fast world of the blogosphere, it is easy to get things wrong.

I hope that Mr. Hari takes up your invitation - I'm sure the 2003 "Young Journalist of the Year" would find the climate here ...bracing. In particular, I suspect many ATW readers would find his views on Northern Ireland illuminating..


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
whatever Andrew, whatever.

"My apology is without question. That said, I am suggesting that, should you find yourself in an identical scenario in the future, you point out to the irate caller that it is not you he or she is conversing with"

Well it's either without question or it isnt. How was Dr Tonge meant to know that YOU thought you were talking to HIM, especially when you were ranting on like an eejit?

You steamed in there, didnt even know who you were talking to and made a fool of yourself. Priceless.


Hari has replied to you on his site.


"You and others (here and on Slugger O'Toole) can only manage to carp in a childish fashion without even having to common decency to reveal your true identities."

I have to say, this is worthy of respect - to admit one is wrong. I hope I have the same courage some day.

Fair play...

Andrew McCann

Well Ronan, when you behave like a child, you see most things as 'priceless'.

Andrew McCann

I've just seen two other critics on Slugger who, of course, wouldn't have the guts to come on here and argue their points. The first is 'Fraggle' - indeed a muppet; and the second puts 'Christ' after his name.

'Nuff said!!

David Vance


Is Hari's site down? If so, surely this is divine intervention!!



After your own comments on counselling in your own post, my 'counselling' remark was intended as a gentle tease and not, as you seem to have interpreted it, as an assault on your personal integrity.

'I also have the luxury of being able to see the person I am talking to. There is - axiomatically - a good question you and others need to answer.'

If there is, I'm afraid it eludes me at the moment. Is the answer to be found in the lyrics to 'The Tracks of My Tears' by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles? :) Make your question explicit and I shall try to answer it.

'You and others (here and on Slugger O'Toole) can only manage to carp in a childish fashion without even having to common decency to reveal your true identities.'

Hmm. Maybe someday soon. Although if I told you my name, I do not think it would mean very much to you or any of the people who read this.

I would prefer to be able to post on your site using my own name, as I do not like using a pseudonym. And I certainly am growing tired of the one I have assumed. However, my circumstances are such that the choice is between posting under a pseudonym and not posting at all.

Regrettably, I have obligations to others that would not be best served at the moment by revealing my 'true identity' online. Such is the power of search engines these days.

As for 'carping in a childish fashion', I think I have given you credit on numerous occasions, not least on the original thread on this topic, where I thought it due.

'Thus, the question is this: which one of us shows the greatest degree of integrity?'

I have never knowingly questioned your integrity, and you have done the right thing in apologising to Prof Tonge.

I tend to see personal integrity as separate from the integrity of one's view of the world. I can tolerate that fundamentally decent people can arrive at radically different conclusions on how to see the world. Can you?


Good - its is hard for me to eat humble pie so I am impressed when others do it.

Madradin Ruad

He's asking for recoomedations for websites. I recommended this one as he won't be unchallenged when he spews his filthy rubbish about Northern Ireland.



Who is asking for websites, Dr Tonge? Mr Hari? and which one of them spews filthy rubbish about N.I.

Michael Turley


Would it be too intrusive to ask what type of counselling you provide? I was a little disturbed to learn that mind and word games are component elements of a counsellors standard training.

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