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December 18, 2004


Young  Irelander

It is hard to believe human beings could show such disdain to an innocent baby and it's terrible that someone would go and use their teeth to bite off a person's ear.
They are animals and I hope they are caught and punished severely.


Sure, even if they are caught, what will the Courts give them. A slap on the wrist and a suspended sentence probably. What sort of deterrant is that.

No doubt they will have the best lawyers and "Human Rights PC Brigade whingers" ensuring they are tried fairly so their wee human rights and dignity are not hurt or offended in any way.

The mind boggles how some people can sleep at night with the knowledge of what they have done, and how lawyers can sit and basically lie through their teeth to defend these types of creatures.


Good point about the morality of some lawyers.
I really don't know how anyone with the smallest scrap of decency would be prepared to go to court and defend this kind of animal.

The sad thing is that if they are caught, rest assured that there will be members of the legal profession(for a suitable fee, of course)who will suspend their humanity for the day in order to ensure their "clients" don't get a very long sentence.

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