December 02, 2004


Madradin Ruad

Can I have your autograph ...for my niece you understand !

Look forward to the prog David :)

David Vance


I'm putting it on Ebay!!! Doing a "live" interview at home is much more stressful than going into a studio - you are more relaxed but more likely to say something you'll really regret - as you may see on Tuesday next!!

Madradin Ruad

Recorded Chez Vance ? Oooooh-er ! I'll bet there was a cleaning frenzy! ( I nearly wrote I'll bet Mrs V went into a cleaning frenzy, then realised the ladies would have me guts for garters! )

David Vance

Hoovering was excessive!!!! Oops - another secret revealed.

Madradin Ruad

The Sister is mighty fond of those Homes and Gardens type magazines - she's at the age where they get fascinated by cushions, curtains and the like ...There was one priceless feature on a de-luxe house, covering half a dozen pages, everything spotless and looking as if just out of a delivery van... one glaring problem. Centre-page spread - living room in all it's glory, enough leather furniture to ensure that one less herd of friesians were running about NI, all very posh- except the feature chandalier .
Centre point of the picture. The rose had slipped off and was hanging and wires were exposed :) I'll bet there was some gnashing of dentures over that one!


Why were you exhausted?


You are fast becoming ubiquitous.
Ever notice how that word is only ever used in a negative sense? Not that I just did of course. 8-)
Yeh, why were you exhausted? Sitting at home in your comfy chair dosent sould too taxing unless you went on a rant...


Hearts and minds, Spotlight, Running 'A Tangled Web' regular correspondant to belfast newspaper publications, a heroic campaign to urge unionists to reject agreement with the shinners, wouldn't you be exhausted !

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