November 10, 2004



Can I be the first to fall over laughing about the about Fox news, so the BBC is less impartial than Fox, a wind up right?



Can I recommend Marc Mulholland's Daily Moiders? He is a native of NI and has some interesting lectures on NI history and politics posted on his page.

He is also interested in broader issues. He is someone who supported the Iraq war, but is now asking about the costs in terms of lives. It is unusual but important to be able to question ones own positions like that. I think he is one of the less predictable and more thoughtful people around.

See him at: http://marcmulholland.tripod.com/histor/


I don't think the BBC is balanced.

Smug? Yes.

BBC NI Newsline is very dummed down - painfully smug.

I only listen to Radio 4 and Radio 3 these days.

Even Radio 3 has dummed down.

Madradin Ruad

David - have you tried these two ?




Marc writes on his Daily Moiders:

"I much prefer to believe that the costs of the Iraq war were sufficiently low to justify it both as doing in a wicked tyranny and as a world historic gamble on emancipation. But I think it’s incumbent on us all (and from SIAW's obiter dicta I think they will agree) to revise our attitudes in the light of news welcome or otherwise. It is not consistency of conclusion that matters, it is consistency in analysis. "


I would also include Laban Tall, Melanie Philips, Oliver Kamm, Normblog, Harry's Place, Mick Hartley, Eric the Unread as quality blogs (some of them lefty, but still sensible and very interesting).


Also Daimnation!, Biased BBC, Tim Blair, Stephen Pollard, House of Dumb, God Save the Queen.


Pretty obvious but surely theonion.com - frequently hilarious and occasionally restores one's faith in Uncle Satan, I mean, Sam



Shouldn't that be "dumbed down"?


Thanks, David!


Willofield - you are right.


I have submitted a longish article on Zionism to Israpundit and I think it will appear this weekend. It traces the history of Zionism to the first and second Roman dispersals of the Jewish nation and I take up the double standards towards Jews and Israel by many people in Ireland, especially by the nationalist and ther neo-left. I cannot agree with you on Sluggerotoole, as I have just commented two minutes ago, it is no longer a forum for open discussionm, but a site which has a leading cadre which seeks to stifle discussion on the Nazi roots and history of the contemporary Palestinian movement. You are welcome to cover my article, and also another which Israpundit published two weeks ago, which does an exposure on the role of the Belfast website, the Blanket, whose main writer continually refers to Israel as Nazi, while hiding the Nazi roots of Palestinianism. I did not have your e-mail address or I would have told you about that article at the time. Please contact me anytime. You are welcome without asking to cover any of my articles as they are meant for circulation and promoting discussion.


Here's another great site: http://iraqthemodel.blogspot.com

Three brothers in Iraq and their thoughts and feelings about the liberation of their country.

David Vance

Thanks to all for the great suggestions!


DV, don't you find that the Belfast Telegraph website is rarely working? For the last two months my experience is that it's reliably available on weekends only.



It's on the blink (with me anyway), but try it at different times of the day. It seems to be OK 'later'.


Has anyone ever stopped you publishing your comments on Slugger?

There is certainly no 'leading cadre'. I don't even know who the other contributors are, but you could always email to ask me to link to your articles. Unfortunately, the subject isn't of as much interest to myself as it is to many others, but if the article is any good, it'll be blogged.

As for the Blanket, it is entirely within it's rights to be completely biased. I don't think Anthony's views are any big secret, although I wouldn't share his opinion. Heck, if Vance can get published on it, why not ask if you can?

David Vance


The BT site is unreliable but like Gonzo says, I find it better in early evening.


And what do you mean by "If Vance can get published"..!!
I found Anthony and Carrie very fair. On the topic of Israel - I find that the Slugger audience is pretty hostile to pro-Israeli views but they are entitled to hold that opinion. I hold a very pro-Israel opinion and I guess that's why ATW and Slugger exist - to provide platforms for a variety of comment.



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