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October 29, 2006


Tm Carter

would be, could still be the biggest global fleese of western funds

Michael Shilliday

I am sceptical about global warming, but none the less, the fact that the bloke across the street is cutting his lawn on October 29th, it does make me wonder.

The Phantom

One, China is still a developing country that cannot yet afford the antipollution equipment that Britain and other rich nations have access to

Two, China has 21 times the population of Britain, so the the point of the post is ludicrous. The average Chinese citizen produces far less CO2 or any other pollutant that the average European, and far less still than the average American or Australian.


Can I ask 30 40 50+ years ago we had heavy industry and Homes spewing out millions of tons of smoke and within that smoke was I’m sure all sorts of gases. We have stopped doing this and as part of the Clean Air Act.

We weren’t taxed like New Labour and the Bunkers Liberals want to do now?

We all know it will be the poorest in society who will pay for this. A family on average or below average wages who are paying for their home, water and local taxes, and they just scrape through and can only afford an old car not a bright shiny new car, but an old car.

So New Labour and the Bunkers Liberals will punish this poor family for being poor.

Well done the New Labour and the Bunkers Liberals for taking on the Americans and the Chinese for pumping out more Co2 in a few weeks than this poor family will in several lifetimes.

Be aware environmental taxes are a tax on the poor!


I think it's all B.S. watch in the next few years the most wealthest people in the world will be the global warming people. they are scaring people to get more money for research, and to get people to buy their ECO-friendly shit.


Phantom, the average Chinese produces far more net CO2 than the average American, because the USA has such a high rate of forest expansion. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if most Europeans also out-produce the USA, net of absorption by forests.


the average eco foot-print of the average north american is six times that of the average african or asian. and twice that of the average european.

The Phantom


I've not heard of this...can you send me a source?

Where would the forests be expanding in the US? I know that there was forest expansion in the Northeast when small NE family farms gave way to buying produce from big farms in the Midwest and California, but that happened a long time ago and would be a mitigating factor, not one that fundamnetally rewrote the equation.

I know that the Chinese govt could care less about pollution of the air, water or anything else, but believe that the US, Canada and Australia are still "champs" of the CO2 Pollution league.

ch in tx

Forests are expandind all over the US, b/c we no longer use wood for fuel and farming is confined to 2% of the pop. Dallas County, which has 1 million people is 50% forested. I was surprised by this too!

Not to score on Phanthom, but New York is more heavily forested now than at any time in the last century.

The Phantom

--Not to score on Phanthom, but New York is more heavily forested now than at any time in the last century.--

No, I am not surprised at that at all, because of the same reason that New England has reforested.

But where are the statistics about the country as a whole? There has also been great destruction of land for buildings in Arizona and many other states.

If anything says that Dallas County is 50% forested I would question the methodology. Dallas is sort of a concrete Los Angeles in the making.

The Troll

all of mankind on the planet only account for 2% of the yearly production of co2 in the atmosphere You have a better chance of ending so called global warming by throwing a virgin in a volcanoe... good luck LOL

The Phantom


I don't doubt what you say, but can you give a link to source...would be useful. I am a GW Agnostic, open to discussion


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