September 02, 2006



The sentence "We hardly ever see incidents involving the classic neo-Nazi skinhead." made me a bit inquisitive and I found this little nugget:

"A clutch of ten tonne Iranian uranium bombs wouldn't be a threat to Britain, so not a single British soldier or airman should be put in harm's way to prevent them being built. But for Israel the threat is real, and Israel is as entitled as any other sovereign state on the planet to act as she sees fit in her own defence. So the chances are that, sooner rather than later, the Israelis - and quite possibly the Americans who are so closely allied with them - will launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran. Realistically, what else are they supposed to do? Wait until the Mullahs incinerate Tel Aviv? What would we do if their future target was Birmingham?"

That comes from Nick Griffin's blog (Nick Griffin - BNP etc). I know that I'm supposed to disagree with these neo-nazi skinheads and their ilk, but shouldn't politicians from the mainstream be saying the above?


How is it that a muslim shoots dead jews in the US and jews are increasingly on the receiving end of abuse at rallies there, a Chicago uni professor loses his job after pressure from islamic students groups for voicing support of Israel..but anti semitism is still perceived as only a euro problem. Its good the msm highlight issues but i wish the US media would do likewise. What happened in that shooting incident was terrible after all.


>>I know that I'm supposed to disagree with these neo-nazi skinheads and their ilk, but shouldn't...<<

Careful Allan, haven't you heard: "BNP ARE LEFTISTS..." (David Vance, 22 April 2006)


Agreed. The BNP are leftists, but the (self-evidently correct) words quoted from their boss's site would not pass the lips of say david Cameron. The point here is that Jews have a right of self-defence, whether it be as individuals or collectively as a nation (Israel) yet no mainstream politician dare say it for fear of offending muslims. And it is muslims who are the perpetrators of attacks on Jews in the west.

ch in tx

David, Thanks for the link. High praise indeed!

Alison, I wasn't denigrating the UK. I'm actually pleased that an all-parliament inquiry is taking place about anti-semitism within the kingdom, and that the Times is actually able to print that Muslims are "over-represented."

The shooting incident to which you refer was aweful. Five women shot at a Jewish center, 1 killed, by a Muslim. The same day, Mel Gibson got drunk and went into an anti-jewish diatribe. Which one did the MSM grab onto? Who was condemned? So your point is well taken. (Wait for it!) BUT, the US incidents are isolated, whereas it's the increasing regularity of such activity in the UK that's troubling.


They're not anti-semitic! They only disagree with Israel policy!!


The UK has a problem with a concentration as someone else put it on another blog. And our problem is that the far left joins the Islamic axis when it comes to anti-semitism. That's one reason much of our anti-semitism is on university campuses. The rest seems to be "Sudden Jihad Syndrome"

I dont think that is now too much different from the US given the cases i cited above. HOWEVER an anti semite who inspires jew hatred like Galloway is a huge embarrassment. Appealing to students, muslims and some light on brain cells. Unlike the US where they dont seem to have anyone similar.

Alan McDonald

Chas and Alison,

Anti-semitism is wrong wherever it happens. Here in the USA, the Anti-Defamation League does a good job of tallying and reporting on incidents (Annual ADL Audit: Anti-Semitic Incidents Decline in 2005 but Levels Still Of Concern In U.S.) showing 1,821 in 2004. The closest figures I could find for the UK (Report: Anti-Semitic incidents up in U.K and France) show only 310 in 2004. Unfortunately, the figure quoted in the Times article of 92 incidents in July extrapolates to 1,104 incidents in the UK for 2006.

James G

extrapolates to 1,104 incidents in the UK for 2006

Wow, for an overall population only a fifth of that of the US. (And I would imagine the Jewish population of the UK is even smaller, by proportion, than that of the US.)


Agreed. The BNP are leftists

the are leftist with respect to the ATW position, which would also make Hitler and Mussolini centrists.


Daytripper: what do you do? Do you have a job i.e. does somebody employ you? I'm just getting very curious.

ch in texas

To bolister Alison's supposition, Canada reports Jewish school Firebombed in Montreal. Too bad such goings on in montreal, it's a beautiful city.

David Vance


Because you are mad, I won't take offence at your comparison of ATW to such left wing psychopathich tossers as Hitler and Mussolini. But then again, from your tenuous grasp on reality, am I bovvered?


Alan - id be interested to see the figures for 2006 in the US also. I dont think you can extrapolate Julys figures to represent the whole of 2006 fairly - given the wars influence in that month if you see what I mean..feelings are running high in some factions.

I would never ever have expected that shooting incident in the US. Its ALL very worrying.

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