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May 23, 2006



Either the most corrupt or the most inefficient administration in recent years has to be colonial regime headed by Paul Bremer which managed to leave around 9 billion dollars of Iraqi reconstruction money unaccounted for.

Large amounts that WERE accounted for were actually paid to Halliburton etc. which isn't much better than corruption really.


Adrian, William Jefferson is a Democrat and a Congressman from South Carolina, not a Republican. Keep to the script.

The Troll

he can't keep to anything but his own script, that of stupidity, hate and terrorist sympathy...

You know this is the politician that in the middle of the Katrina disaster "borrowed" several humvees and a bunch of troops that were trying to rescue people that were stuck on rooftops to go to his home to clear out money that he had stashed in his freezer.


Adrian, spot on. The script is "Power corrupts".


Thanks Peter.
Troll, there wouldn't be any terrorism if you guys thought of evading your taxes.


He's from Louisiana, not South Carolina. Lousiana's rogue gallery of politicians is the state's spectator sport.

Paul McMahon

I happen to believe that being in politics tends to lead to corruption - it's one reason I am glad I'm not on the front-line.

(says a failed politician)


Yet another Louisiana corrupt idiot.

I remember Gerard Baker, around the time of the Katrina disaster, remarking about how corrupt the state's politics were. Now I'm starting to realise he was completely on the ball.


Isn't Bill Clinton also William Jefferson?

Wonder if there's a connection.


Sorry, I was thinking Louisiana as I was typing South Carolina :(

That's William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, from Arkansas. What's the connection? Well, they're both crooks and both Democrats.

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