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May 31, 2006



Dissent for the sake of dissent.

Very clever.

Clarkson has insisted there is almost certainly no such thing as global warming

And he claims this based on...?


So Clarkson knows more that 99% of the world's climate scientists? I like the bloke, but I wouldn't trust anything he says on anything apart from cars.

Porritt has spent years studying the subject of climate change.

Horses for courses?

The Dubliner

Why an eminent scientist is wasting his time launching puerile personal attacks on someone who is famous for simply being famous, and not for being an authority on the subject of global warning, is beyond me. Perhaps he’s practicing to become a politcal Blogger?

Hugh Green

I referred to Clarkson as 'a creep with a car' on my site the other day. But maybe 'creep with a jeep' would be more appropriate, not to mention poetic.


Mmm, yes all very true, and while I don't necessarily agree with him on the environment I still like Clarkson.

Grumpy Troll

A right-winger at the BBC? I am surprised that he still has a job there.


The evidence does seem to support the idea that man is partly responsible for global warming, so I'm happy to go along with that. Although there are potential benefits as well as costs, which are often ignored.

On the subject of enviromentalism has anyone been reading the Daily Ablution over the last few days, where this site's longtime favourite (ahem), Johann Hari, has taken a bit of a beating on the subject. http://dailyablution.blogs.com/the_daily_ablution/2006/06/my_response_to_.html

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