May 31, 2006


Madradin Ruad

Fighting Talk!


I guess of that list mouse traps might have come before colonialism, but nothing else did. The rest were products of the expansion of the British economy during the colonial period.


That's an impressive list! Why don't you try and sell that more instead of the Evil Empire and its dubious legacy?


Well and the post-colonial period of course, like Viagra, silly me!

Madradin Ruad

The Irish RM's contribution :
International Terrorism (via Irish in USA)
The Car Bomb
The Proxy Bomb.



Which Irish Resident Magistrate was that ? :)

Madradin Ruad

Colm - if you cannot pour petrol on the flames, at least don't use a fire-extinguisher! LOL


Every time i hear about the British Empire; I keep thinking of the StarWars theme music :)


The Provos inventing the Car bomb is a widely held misconception I'm afraid. If no-one else the Stern gang (or some other Zionist grouping) used them in the Israeli War of Independence. They used them on civilian targets without warning, incidentally.
These tactics were soon copied by Arab groups.

There was an interesting couple of articles about the car bomb on the web on ZMag.org recently.
Sorry can't find the exact link


A fine list (it's really nice to hear someone talk of what he loves and is proud of. I mean that), though there are some notable omissions (the particle accelerator and - most inexcusable for someone like Andrew - the cannon!). Britains greatest contribution IMO is its language, its literature, and the humour and artistic creativity of its people.

There are also some strange items on the list.
I mean, really, the Internet??
the periodic table (that was some Russian, wasnt it?)
the electric motor (that was the German Werner Siemens)
The Germans also got in there before you with the jet engine and the television (tho the war stopped normal international registration ).
And I thought the submarine was developed by a countryman of mine. (Oh well, I suppose we'll have to rest on our laurels with brandy - something else to submerge in)

And Viagra?
Don't tell me - from somewhere between LaCock and Maidenhead!

Andrew McCann

The Internet was invented by Tim Berners Lee.
The Periodic Table was invented by John Newlands; and the Electric Motor by Michael Faraday.

Viagra came into being in the East Sussex village of Upper Dicker.


And let us not forget, it is this green and pleasant land that has given us the finest political blog on the planet... ATW ... Hip Hip Hurrah!



You will have to watch your language.

The Provos inventing the Car bomb is a widely held misconception I'm afraid. If no-one else the Stern gang (or some other Zionist grouping) used them in the Israeli War of Independence.

Apparently, any war where you fight against those occupying you is terrorism and not to be attempted.

If however you still don't feel like licking the bloody jackboot of those colonising your country. There are certain rules you must follow. The fact that these rules are regulated by one of the protaginists, ie the country doing the occupying is I am assured neither here nor there.

Therefore all kinds of people who decided that they would fight and overthrow their masters. These include a variety of peoples including those from the USA, France, Norway, Algeria, Vietnam, S. Africa etc, etc...

None of these wars may in future be referred to as wars of liberation or independance, or other bolshy nonsence of that ilk.


Sorry Colm, wrong on that one.

The green and pleasant land that give the world ATW is (N) Ireland.

Andrew was talking about Britain.



I was expecting that response ;)

November Rain

I paid my third ever visit to Balrog today


Funny for somebody who has only visited the site three times, Andrew always seems strangely well informed about what's going on there.


November rain

I would guess each visit lasted several weeks.. :)


Berners Lee invented the web, not the internet (they are different things). The internet is american (sorry) but some of the research was done in the UK.

November Rain

Was the internet not inventing at CERN in Geneva or should I pay less attention to my Dan Brown novels?

November Rain


Chris Gaskin

I paid my third ever visit to Balrog today


It's omnipotent Shinner extradordinaire

Go raibh maith agat!

and Bobby Sands's biological antithesis

Better that than a graduate who wipes arses for a living and has a poofey North of England accent.


I don't drink beer

who is thinking about beginning his legal career in........London!

And what?

What a sad life you lead McCann!

David Vance

I'll settle for "finest political blog on the planet"!!!! Blushes, used to brickbats!

Chris Gaskin

Not Dirty Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway or any other towns in the country he mistakenly thinks he lives in

All those places are in Ireland and I also live in Ireland.

How prey tell am I mistaken about living in Ireland?

What are you smoking?

Madradin Ruad

Can we have some further info on the Car Bomb thing ? I remember reading that the Israelis used bombs in vehicles against military targets - whereas the indiscriminate use of Car bombs against Civilians was an IRA innovation.
I note that nobody denies that International terrorism and the Proxy Bomb are green !



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