April 30, 2006



PJ O'Rourke used to write for Rp;;ing Stone, so that used to be a redeeming feature.

ch in texas

Rolling Stone the "Voice Of America"???? Geez David, thanks for giving me a good laugh courtesy of the Observer! And re Zappa, here's a quote form the article:

Cameron Crowe off ered an impression of the hypnotic hold the magazine has had over its most dedicated followers. Crowe had by then been living amid Stone memorabilia for 27 years. 'The truth was,' he wrote, 'I kept all the artefacts from those days, all my old articles and all the touring room lists and all the backstage

Isn't "artifacts" mispelled? What dopes...


Frank Zappa also said that he hated hippies because they thought of themselves as being so anti-establishment, when all they had done was create their own establishment.

I'm not really a Zappa fan, but you have to admire someone like him who always did the opposite of what was expected of him. He was anti-establishment without even trying!


no artefact is correct. It can be spelled with the e or with the i.

Frank Zappa isa great man, his attacks on censorship from the 'Christian Conservatism' were awful, but he stood up to them. By the way, Bush is certainly one of the worst presidents ever, and looking at polls, the majority of Americans would seem to agree


Surely the worst President ever was Jimmy Carter.

I think that history will recall Bush as a good President.

David Vance


Yes, Carter was the pits but you can't expect Rolling Stone to know that! They're too busy bringing down the system...man.


Carter was a bad president, but Bush will be deeply unpopular over Iraq, American roops will, probably be dieing on a weekly basis there for several years to come. if its very unpopular now, whats in going to be like then.

The big point, however, is the deficet. It is astronomical. This is going to hit America hard in about 10 years, American tax is already fairly high, considering they get far fewer public services than most europeans. I read somewhere that America spends more on the millitary than the rest f the world combined. Tax will have to increase, and Bush, rightly so, will be blamed for it.

The Troll

Ogra you have absolutly NO concept of the american public or American Society.

As for our deficit, as a percentage of our GNP it has barely changed in over 30yrs. The number is huge but so is our economy. As for public services We don't want them and we already pay to much for the ones that have been forced through. Thats your socialist mentality "government services". Bush cut taxes and unless the Socialist Democrats get control taxes will continue to be cut. You can not tax your way out of deficit, it can only be done by cutting taxes and growing privat business. The deficit in the US is a matter of trade policy and spending.

As for our military budget
Military spending in 2005 ($ Billions, and percent of total)Country Dollars (billions) % of total Rank

Source: U.S. Military Spending vs. the World, Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, February 6, 2006

* Figures are for latest year available, usually 2005. Expenditures are used in a few cases where official budgets are significantly lower than actual spending.
* * 2004 Figure.
* Source uses FY 2007 for US figure (and includes Iraq and Afghan spending). I have used 2005 to try and keep in line with other countries listed (but I have NOT included the Iraq and Afghan operations cost which would be another $75 billion).
* Due to rounding, some percentages may appear as zero.

http://www.globalissues.org/Geopolitics/ArmsTrade/Spending.asp for further details.
United States 420.7 43% 1
China* 62.5 6% 2
Russia* 61.9 6% 3
United Kingdom 51.1 5% 4
Japan 44.7 4% 5
France 41.6 4% 6
Germany 30.2 3% 7
India 22 2% 8
Saudi Arabia 21.3 2% 9
South Korea 20.7 2% 10
Italy 17.2 2% 11
Australia 13.2 1% 12
Brazil 13.1 1% 13
Canada 10.9 1% 14
Turkey 9.8 1% 15
Israel* 9.7 1% 16

even with those atronomical numbers it's less than 10% of the US budget.

The Phantom

This post is spot on.

I blush to admit that I am a subscriber to RS....I traded some Frequent Flyer miles that I was not going to use for a subcription...and I am very unimpressed. They haven't evolved a bit in twenty years, when I last subscribed.

You can predict every political opinion.
I have never seen any articles that are conservative or that are even partially sympathetic to a conservative viewpoint.

And every album by a top group gets a rave review by the way.

I won't be renewing the subscription!


'You can not tax your way out of deficit' Yes you can!!!, you do realise that i'm talking about the government deficet not the Public one?

I get this: United States 335.7
Japan 46.7
United Kingdom 36
France 33.6
China 31.1
Germany 27.7
Saudi Arabia 21.6
Italy 21.1
Iran 17.5
South Korea 13.5

The Troll

The government deficit is the ONLY deficit in the US, and you can NOT tax your way out a deficit what you can do is destroy your economy if you try.... but what would someone in Ireland let alone Europe now about a good economy LOL


'but what would someone in Ireland let alone Europe now about a good economy LOL' Are u being serious? read the papers, ever heard of the Celtic Tiger?

'and you can NOT tax your way out a deficit what you can do is destroy your economy if you try' The government has to pay the money back plus the very high interest. Government gets money through tax. If you take out a loan, you have to pay it back, same for a government. wheter you like it or not, u have to pay it back. How else will the government pay the deficet without raising taxes? saying, we dont wanna pay it back, it'll hurt our economy' obviously wont cut it


you have absolutly NO concept of the american public or American Society

And you only have a clue about the half that agree with you politically. It amazes me that anyone can still buy the line that tax cuts are a good thing when they can make the simple comparison of 93-00 versus 81-88 and 01-present. Of course, it would also be less of a problem if Bush wasn't spending like a Texas oilman's wife on a trip to Paris.


The spending is the problem. Cutting taxes has actually increased revenue however.

Anyway - where were we? Ah yes - Rolling Stone. LOL David - love it.

The Troll

Ocra your an idiot you have now concecpt of how the US economy functions...

OOOh the Celtic Tiger. Whats your GNP and whats your unemployment rate.

Yeh right neal the Clinton years with a fiscaly responsible REPUBLICAN CONSERVITIVE congress Compaired to the Reagan years of a tax and spend Democrat one (another amateur)


Ireland's per capita income is higher than the US at purchasing power parity.


Troll, I'm not sayin that a rise in taxeswould be good for the economy, i am sayin that it might be neccesary due to the government debt, which must be paid back by the government. Maybe i am terribly wrong here, but i doubt it.

Do you realise that this is money that the government has loaned, therefore its the government who must pay it back, The government gets its money through tax. The debt is so high that, with the war etc., taxes may have to rise, so they can pay it back. This is very basic economics. What dont youunderstand about it?

Troll, Ireland has the 2nd or 3rd highest GDP per capita in the world. unemployment rate about 4%. Apparently its the best place in the world to live, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4020523.stm

Troll, its strange that you would have not heard of Irelands recent growth rates, and that you do not understand national debt.

Well Cinton was succesful with the economy. Bush has not been, the national debt has incresed dramaticaly


Under Bush's regime, I've seen the US slip from second to tenth place in human development rankings and second to fourth in per capita income rankings.


'Ocra your an idiot you have now concecpt of how the US economy functions...'

it seems that you have no concept of how basic eonomics itself works.


What Troll means to say is that the US economy functions like a colonial economy so Iraq will ultimately reap huge dividends to Halliburton and Chevron which will make up for the budget deficit at least in Bush's eyes.


Ya, and in reality americans are poorer than that Its a very unequal society. They pay average taxes, lower than the UK, but higer than Ireland, yet get very little in the way of services for the tax they spend. The problem is that alot of americans, like Troll, dont seem to fully understand the economy and how it works, they vote on foreign policy and 'family values' instead


look at this chart Republicans mean big rise in the debt, democrats mean big drop

Kevin Maynard

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thats it, dude

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