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April 08, 2006


Peter Turner

Children in court because they shout racial slurs at each other, police deciding that they will no longer fight crime, prisoners let out of jail early to offend again, soldiers sent to war without adequate equipment - even bullets, elderely sick forced to sell their homes to pay for care -the list goes on. There is so much to oppose and to propose.

David Vance

Correct Peter. And not a word from the Lemming Master on any of them.


The Tories should by rights be about 20 points ahead in the polls at this stage if they are to hope to win the next election . During the final years of thr Major govt there were opinion polls which showed Labour with 30+ point leads. It sn't looking good for a change of govt.

Gavin Ayling

So full of hope I was...

But he really is playing the heir to Blair thing.

Labour's belly really is exposed (which is a big target in some cases) right now and Cameron should be ripping into them about all the stuff Peter Turner listed (and more).

He should be boring the electorate about how wrong everything is. Instead they can go about their daily lives still thinking this is as good as it can be.

David Vance


Labour are a great target - and British Conservatism COULD make auch a difference - but the CAMERON leadership is, as I predicted, more interesting in emulating Blair than in offering a viable alternative.

Sean Fear

You've overlooked the inspirational Ten Points, which were given out to all the attendees:-

1. Take the bus when you can
2. Get to know your neighbours better
3. Pick up one piece of litter from the street everyday
4. Re-use your plastic bags when you go to the shops
5. Switch to energy efficiency light bulbs at home
6. Reduce your thermostat by 2 degrees
7. Support your local shopkeepers
8. Don't overfill your kettle
9. Fill out a donor card
10. Give blood

Blair and Brown must think Christmas has come early.


Sean, is this a wind-up or did this actually happen?

Sean fear

Unfortunately, it is not a wind up.


It's almost Churchillian.


Allan, I was thinking the same thing.

Sean go on tell us - how many of them have you done? ;o)

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