April 30, 2006


Richard Allen

Sorry David it isn't going to happen.

Bombing Iran simply has too many unfortunate consequences. Iran is capable of turning most of Iraq into an inferno, causing chaos throughout the gulf and sending the oil price soaring to such absurd levels that it would be extremely damaging to the global economy. At the moment Iran holds a very strong hand and unless that changes there is little we can do.

A nuclear Iran is somthing we may have to live with and while it is far from ideal it is not the end of the world. Iran wants nukes to become a true regional power not to engage in a suicidal orgy of destruction

David Vance


A nuclear Iran WOULD be the end of the world for Israel. How do we know? Well, Iranian President I'm mad and Jihad has spelt it out - he wants to wipe Israel "off the map". So, whilst you may consider Mullahs with Nukes as just one of those pesky realities we have to live with, I think you will find the bombs fall heavy on Natanz and elsewhere as Liddle and myself suggest.

The Troll

Iran wants Nukes to USE them. Even if its through a secondary such as hamass. They have already stated that they intend to share this new technicle gift to Islam... What part of We will destroy the west don't you people understand. This group believes that the 12th Imam is going to rise from a well and create a worldwide Caliphate. Your not dealing with sane people Imamadjihad believes that everytime he speaks about this he is surrounded in a heavenly glow....

Richard Allen


Just because he says he wants to wipe Israel off the map doesn't mean that 1) He would if he could (he is playing to the crowd) or 2) He would be allowed to. He doesn't hold any real power. Ali Khamenei and the other senior clerics wield the real power and while they might like the idea of wiping out Israel they are hardly likely to invite total destruction on themsleves by doing so.

Anyway as I said the consequences of attacking Iran are simply too much. We can disagree over whether or not it should happen but the "pesky reality" is that it isn't going to.

David Vance

Yes it is. And each day it gets closer. Iran will not get Nukes because Iran will use them in the way it's Leader has spelt out.

The Troll

David you can not convince some people that when someone says that they are going to kill them that they mean it. Those are the people that are going to get everyone killed.


iran has been using the mantra death to the west death to america for 3 decades. its almost ritualistic and has very little real meaning. trust me if islamic terrorism was a real threat to global stability there would be alot more happening than the odd bomb here and there.

what the hell did you people talk about before 911? stop crying wolf!!

Alan McDonald

Before 911 they talked about Bill Clinton; before that they talked about Teddy Kennedy.

The Troll

Alan you know better....

but daytripper is just another one that proves my point

Tom Tyler

Israel has stated bluntly that it will not allow Iran to posses nuclear weapons. It has acted pre-emptively before, in this regard. The USA also has stated that while all options are on the table, the option of a nuclear-armed Iran is not on the table under any circumstances. I would rather see oil at $1,500 a barrel than see Iran with nukes. I hope Israel and/or the US act on their words as soon as possible (tomorrow, please).

The Troll

Thank you Tom its nice to hear another voice of sanity

Alan McDonald


If Israel will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons, that would seem to solve any future problems. I move we all back Israel and get on with the rest of our lives. By the way, this time I'm sure we won't let anything bad happen to Israel for their pre-emptive strike any more than we did when they blew up the Iraqi reactor back in the days when we (the USA) were friends of Saddam.


You just said Iran already HAD 250 nuclear weapons. And then you said they need to do research on centrifuges so that they could maintain a stockpile. And now you're saying they want them to use them. That doesn't fit in because as per your other posts they'd have to use them before 2010 so the idea of a stockpile is ridiculous. They can do practically anything they want with 250 nukes, whether it's to Israel or any other country and it's too costly for them to build more in any case.


Bombs away. We will have to deal with whatever consequences result from bombing their nuclear sites, military installations and oil fields to smithereens.

They have more money than God, Adrian. What the hell rock have you clumb out from under?!

It's a damn shame that the Iranians are being led into this by such a dope. He's insane for God's sake. INSANE.

The Troll

Jr you have to work on your comprehension or is my simplistic style of writing just to complexx for your level of understanding


And that would be VERY complex with that double 'x' at the end.


I'm sure any American attack will take precautions to preserve the rich natural resources of Iran, so don't fear for the safety of the oilfields.

I don't know about the inner details of God's bank account. OR the Vatican's. OR Iran's. That's three things they don't tell us.

Come on Monica, Ahmedinejad isn't a dope compared with President Bush. Hope you read his quote on the negroes in Brazil that I posted earlier.

Troll, you have to make sense if you want me to understand you. You're asking me to believe that Iran bought 250 practically defunct nuclear weapons and is preparing to risk 3-4 precious years, billions of dollars, and increasing diplomatic isolation, just so that they can get one or two more nukes which they then plan to USE?????


At least Troll doesn't get into triple x comments like Bogbrush!!!

The Troll

"Troll, you have to make sense if you want me to understand you. You're asking me to believe that Iran bought 250 practically defunct nuclear weapons and is preparing to risk 3-4 precious years, billions of dollars, and increasing diplomatic isolation, just so that they can get one or two more nukes which they then plan to USE?????"

This is where your lack of depth really shines through if out of 250 used old even non-fuctional nuke warheads you get enough raw materisl to make atleast 100 dirty bombs and you get to reverse engineer the warhead.

As for Risk Iran believes it risks nothing. What evedence do you have that Iran has shown ANY CONCERN for what any other nation or the world cares. Have they proceeded with enrichment against world opinion have they after three years of The idiot 3 Trying to NEGOTIATE they walked away and said F--U, There niumber one fuel customer Russia told them to stop and that they would enrich the uranium for them They told the Russians F--U what you lack an understanding in is that they are at war with the west. It doesn't matter what the West does they have their plans and they are sticking to them The longer they can keep the world talking and not acting is just more time in their eyes to get more and more pieces of their battle plan in place. You can pretend that your not at war with themand they will continue to smile in your face Right upto the second they cut your throat "ALLAH AHKBAR" to them you are an infidel lower than Sh*t


Adrian, you have clearly won the argument, but this crowd will never accept it. They probably think that Global Warming is a liberal lie. Well at least they give us a specimen of who actually still supports bush. Its a very strange group, but they only account for about 20, 30% of Americans. Every country has a lunatic fringe. I suppose we cant be too hard on them, they say inbreeding makes your brain malfunction.

The Troll

are we sure Orca is not Jo?


Does anyone here have clue?
Get someone to translate ahmadinijad's comments about israel from the orignial farsi. He never said he wanted to "wipe israel off the map!"
Some nitwit mistranslated and it got picked up by other nitwits and then it got used by other nitwits and so on and so on.....
As to Iran's nuclear program, is anyone here in the least familiar with Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty Compliance and Monitoring? No? didn't think so. Material balance sheets? No? Data acquisition and display equipment. Nuclear signatures? Hmmmm! Sounds like a bunch of people parroting someone elses misinformation.
Did you know that we built centrifuges at Portsmouth Ohio, Paducah Kentucky, and Oak Ridge TN and that we abandoned these brand spanking new billion dollar facilities because they were so unreliable, delicate and difficult to maintain. The only one that actually ever got spun up was at Portsmouth and they got in trouble. That was us and we are good at this.
Does anyone care about the truth? Anyone ever heard about the Nuclear Suppliers Group?
Do you know how hard it is to work with UF6 (uraniumhexaflouride)? Know what is the most important safety feature at one of these plants? A wind sock so that you can know which way to run away. This stuff will take the flesh off to the bone. It will disolve steel!
Anyone listen to the president at Kennebunkport yesterday? He clearly stated that Iran was not in compliance with the international "norm" not international law. Iran is in full compliance of the law. But who cares right! I'll bet many people were fooled by that statement!
Sorry folks but those who advocate attacking Iran because of their nuclear program are wrong. Plain and simple, it is not in our national interest! If you care about america, you all will educate yourselves to recognize when you are being hoodwinked.


David Vance is a murderous bastard.

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