July 22, 2005


EU Serf

I'm surprise Ian Blair allows such rough behaviour. We should join hands with these victims of colonial oppression and sim Kum By Ah.


Hang on a moment David

Police have shot dead a man. That's all we know. Once we KNOW he was a terrorist we can be glad he's dead. Let's not be hasty.

David Vance

I demand a public enquiry. the immediate arrest of whoever fired the shot. and a compensatory sum sent to the Al Queda rest home downtown Leeds.


Don't joke David. It's perfectly possible that if this man turns out NOT to be one of the bomb gang, the police who shot him might face an enquiry and possible disciplnary action.

Ultonian Scottis American

I had dream a few months ago set in an end-game "Night Of The Living Dead" scenario.

Despite all the ghoulish murderous cannibalism and the efforts of the uninfected to defend themselves, both proactively and reactively, at the end of the dream the Zombies were picketing the Living with placards demanding their Civil Rights.

David Vance


I bet he was a homocide bomber - I trust our Police to get their man despite the politicians!


I'm taking the view that the truth has to be waited for. News conference delayed until 2.45 at the earliest. Ongoing enquiries are cited for the delay.

There's a lot of dwelling on one outcome or the other. The truth is we don't yet know one way or the other!

If this is a mistaken shooting, it is bad news for London. Yesterday, a small group of fanatics tried to kill innocent people regardless of their politics, religion etc. Like them or not, the cops are the last line of defence. Precipitive action is not what they or anyone else living need to the face of such a ruthless onslaught!

If this was a suicide bomber, 1) this means there are 3 others who won't wait five minutes to try to kill in numbers and 2) it means the cops in question were sat on a bomb as well as a man determined to kill many, many innocent people. And that's the opposite of what many people are indecently ready to accuse them of!

Personally, I'm waiting for 2.45 at the earliest before I begin to form a view.

decent ulster unionist


Colm is right, at least wait until we are sure the police got the right man. I hope they did but hold you applause until we are certain.


Even if it turns out that he wasn't a bomber I don't think anyone can blame the police for the action they took.

It's an unfortunate situation we are now in (particularly for genuinely innocent young asian/arab looking men) but in the event of innocent people being shot by the police in situations similaar to this morning everyone should remember to lay the blame squarely where it belongs. On the maniacs who have brought us to this situation.


David, I have to agree with Colm on this one, I just hope they have the right guy.

David Vance


Fully agree with what you and Mick say.


Although I agree with the sentiments about jumping to conclusions [sound of throat clearing], if armed policemen have asked me to stop whatever I was doing and drop to the ground, no amount of panic is going to make me want to take the trouble to run away from them. But then, I grew up in the States, we're used to armed cops and generally ask how high when they tell us to jump. A bit naive of me, I guess.

David Vance

I still think he is a Jihadist though!

The Troll

Well press conferance concluded. The great multiculturist Ian Blair did say that the man killed by police in the subway was connected to the bombings.


the police who shot him might face an enquiry and possible disciplnary action

Masterful understatement! The police will be painted as more evil than the bombers.
Even troops facing imminent death are not allowed to go round shooting people.


"Even troops facing imminent death are not allowed to go round shooting people."

Unless they are wearing a 'bomb belt with wires coming out'. This according to a witness to the shooting.

A bomb belt with wires coming out. Hmmmmmmm. Sounds to me like they got ANOTHER jihadist David. Just in the nick of time, too.

David Vance

I have heard that the police say that the man killed was DIRECTLY linked to their ongoing operation. Whether he was one of yesterday's four or not, he was a Jihadist and he got what he deserved. This is a war.


Already some of the London WWW messageboards are buzzing with lots of people complaining about the police shooting this man and with demands for answers.

Now I am not usually the most gung ho of people but can't these complainants realise circumstances have changed. I don't want to see any innocent individuals shot by the police but difficult though that may be to contend with it's a hell of a lot more preferable than to see hesitation leading to a massacre that could have been prevented.

Now more than ever , if your told by the police to STOP - you STOP!

David Vance


Quite agree with you. When you're told to stop, you stop.

The Troll

Well at least the police on the beat are taking this problem a lot more seriuos than there chif is.

Whether it was or wasn't a clean shoot these poor cops will be barbicude by the press



I don't think they will not this time. there will be huge understanding of why they shot to kill. The public mood will not tolerate press attacks on these officers.

The Troll

God I hope your correct. Let us Know.

Utterly amazing that someone who has recently lost a family member today glories in the death of someone else.

If my worst enemy was killed in the aftermath of a close family bereavement I culd not find it in my heart to think or write the thoughts written here.

David Vance

Not sure who the anonymous contributor was but those policemen who killed this terrorist on the Underground have saved many lives in London and in that I delight. If some sad Jihadist has to die, so be it. As for your reference to my own recent bereavement, you're just utterly pathetic. Learn to fill in your name and how to spell.

The Troll

Why is it when people that write stupid statements like the one above always forget to post their name?

The scarry part is that someone can equate the naturall death of a loving mother/grandmother to the justified killing of an animal terrorist. Sounds like they have the qualifications to run for office.

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