April 28, 2005



A rather different attitude from SF on this occasion, when their election workers were attacked in Carryduff and also later on in Cairnshill(this wasn't reported)in 2001.
Both areas are mixed with a very small amount of SF supporters-perhaps it was felt by their attackers that they were showing "a macho-Republican" attitude?
Wrong in both cases-people should be allowed to canvass where they want.


Andrew Coleraine is a strange town that has cut its own throat (economically) a while back (I'll explain in a min). It is very unionist/loyalist in nature and evidence of "Britishness" is all around. Does this make a "very pleasant town" - unfortunately not. When looking at Coleraine you have to look at the 'Triangle' - Coleraine, Portstewart and Portrush - as they all have an influence over each other.

There is a ton of scum floating on Coleraine's surface, on both sides. This is partly due to rehousing efforts of the Housing Executive as they have been moving more and more negative elements out of Belfast, and the outlying areas, and into Portrush with it spilling over into Coleraine. Shite is still shite no matter how far away you move it. In the local area this has raised social concerns and pressures amongst the more volatile elements of society.

The next element that has to be considered is the fall in figures in relation to people going to the "seaside" in NI. Why would you go to to a cold costal town when travel in Europe is comparative and the weather is better? Falling numbers have resulted in the Triangle becoming more financially depressed. It has hit Portrush worst of all.

Like other NI areas manufacturing jobs are being lost hand over fist and more and more people are becoming unemployed. People are leaving the area on the back of this and rising house prices due to people buying summer housing in the area.

Finally Coleraine and Portrush decided quite a while ago that they did not want to be involved with students from the local Uni. There is a very negative attitude taken towards this group of people by people from both Coleraine and Portrush. This has resulted in Portstewart holding the majority of them and surviving on the relatively large amounts of disposal income that they bring in.

Overall you have a forced migration of low lifes into the local area, rising unemployment of manufacturing workers and less tourism/money in the summer. This has placed a lot of pressure in the area that the scummier elements in that community are exploiting through robberies, drug dealing, scams and violence.

I dont think the negative actions of either side in the Triangle area can be held up as examples of the greater Unionist or Nationalist people as a whole.


There was uproar last night after it emerged that a convicted UVF terrorist has been elected as a committee member of a Co Londonderry branch of the Royal British Legion.

An enraged member of the legion - the UK's leading charity providing financial, social and emotional support to the millions who have served and are currently serving in the armed forces - contacted the Belfast Telegraph to complain that Russell Watton had been elected to the position of assistant secretary of the Coleraine branch.

"I think it's an absolute disgrace. I've been a member for years, but I'll not be back," said the man, who did not want to be identified.

In June 1977, Watton was sentenced to life imprisonment after pleading guilty to wounding three men with intent during a gun attack on a bar in Dunloy.

A spokesman for the Royal British Legion refused to say whether Watton was a member of the organisation, and added: "We do not comment on anonymous claims. If anyone is unhappy about membership, they should be coming to us and not the Press."

But when contacted by the Belfast Telegraph, Watton confirmed his position as assistant secretary of the Coleraine branch.

He said: "Whoever complained has little to do with their time. I was in trouble 30 years ago, and there are other ex-prisoners in the legion.

However, East Londonderry MLA John Dallat has called for Watton to be immediately ousted from the organisation.

"He should never have been allowed in the door, never mind be allowed to take up a high-profile position," said Mr Dallat.

"This type of disclosure runs totally against the efforts of people who want to develop the British Legion as unconnected to elements which badly tarnished its image in the past, in particular, I am thinking of when UFF killer Torrens Knight wore a poppy when coming out of court.

"To find a high-profile terrorist of this kind is not only a member of the legion, but occupies a position on the committee, is something that needs to be addressed as it certainly makes it difficult for Catholics to embrace the efforts of the legion to portray itself as politically neutral."

Passing sentence on Watton in 1977, Judge Higgins described his UVF group as a "nest of terrorists" who had been responsible for grave and wicked crimes during 1975 and 1976, including the burning of Catholic-owned premises, the armed robbery of two post offices and bomb attacks on three bars.

The judge also said that Watton was responsible for planning the offences and involving others in them.

SO...MR SHITTY OF COLRAINE..... We now know full well your alliegancies and your politics. I would suggest that you first research your dubious heros before spouting your mouth off. And before you label me...I am JEWISH.
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"I find it a very pleasant town "

Good God!



"Judge Higgins described his UVF group as a "nest of terrorists" who had been responsible for grave and wicked crimes...including the burning of Catholic-owned premises, the armed robbery of two post offices and bomb attacks on three bars."

"Mr Watton will find a considerable number of ideological bedfellows on A Tangled Web"

Nice one, Andrew.


"Mr Watton will find a considerable number of ideological bedfellows on A Tangled Web"

Oh dear!


Well spot, SMcBride!

David Vance

For a start, I have no time for terror apologists of any hue. But I am amused at the faux outrage of those who damn poor stupid Watton for occupying a branch position in the British Legion whilst piously claiming that IRA godfathers should sit in Government. Hypocrites!

I'd have them all locked up myself.

PS. Coleraine is very pleasant. I dined there last Saturday evening and found the food and staff excellent!!

Nice one indeed.


Or, to paraphrase:

"the faux outrage of those who deny that IRA godfathers should sit in Government while lauding Watton."


David Vance

Where did I laud Watton?

And while you're thinking about that, you're pro-Agreement, proudly so, I see to recall. So do I take it that IRA godfathers in Government is OK but UVF morons in a BL committee is not on????

When Andrew wrote about Watton, he was unaware of his UVF past. SMcBride provides helpful information. However, those who voted for known IRA men like Martin McGuinness to sit in government have no such excuse. Faux outrage indeed.

Try harder..


It is with great interest that I read reports of how the various factions, regardless of their ethnic or religious bias,insist that THEY ARE RIGHT.
Violence in ANY form is NEVER RIGHT.
Also why is it that there are a very few of the more militant followers who insist upon wrecking things for the vast majority of decent people from ALL sides of the religious spectrum. My race suffered such atrocities some years ago. My urgent appeal is for the vast majority of the good people of NI to wake up and smell the roses. Rid these shores of the idiot fringe and never let the gun or the militant,bigotted liars get any foothold into a position of any political power. Both sides CAN work together IF the idiots and the spoilers can be ousted from the ranks, BY BALLOT AND SHEER WEIGHT OF NUMBERS of PEACE LOVING PEOPLE. Northern Ireland is a GREAT place with even GREATER people.
My regards and respects to you all
Shalom aleichem.

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