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February 28, 2005



The awards show has ALWAYS been like that.

It's a bunch of crap and I don't know many people who watch it much less take it seriously.

David Vance


Too true. The Hollywood types are just plain ridiculous - I don't take their empty-headed spouting in the least seriously.


Re: "...which should be purely for the preserve of men..." I don't like boxing, nor do I ever care to participate in or be a spectator of the sport. However, I DO believe it should be "the preserve" of anyone who cares to participate, regardless of their gender. Not all women are put on Earth simply to please you. Some men actually like that sort of thing in a woman. It may be inexplicable to you, but so is polyester to me, and I'm hardly calling for a global ban of the stuff.

"The Hollywood types are just plain ridiculous - I don't take their empty-headed spouting in the least seriously."

*pout* I'm hurt.


'It has long been the case that to be a card-carrying Republican in America's film industry is as unacceptable as opening a salt-beef bar in Jeddah.'

I coulda sworn that Clint Eastwood was a card-carrying Republican. Wasn't he a Republican mayor?

This thread reminds me of an old (NI) joke:

Q. What do you call a cowboy with no money?
A. Skint Eastwood.

Q. What do you call a cowboy with loads of money?
A. Barney Eastwood.


There was also that actor chappie, what was his name, died last year....

I think he became the guv and pressie of some non-entity of a country or other ;)


And then there's acting genius Arnold Schwarzenegger, so shunned in Hollywood for his Republican views that he had to leave and become a politician in order to make a name for himself.

Now, I wonder if there are any salt-beef bars in Jeddah...


Have to agree with Emily re: boxing. I played rugby at uni and took considerable slagging about it and also competed against men in karate and was subjected to similar criticism. Both sports provided tremendous 'release' from studies.
Female boxing has been used as a sort of therapy for victims of sexual abuse. It's a growing sport in NY.


Slackjaw, et al.,
It's not that it's "unacceptable" to be Republican in Hollywood, it's rather a matter of it being incredibly unpopular. Liberals here tend to be pretty smug and aggressive and this kind of drowns out other points of view. I avoid all talk of politics socially because of it.



Fair enough, like - I'm just speaking as a fan of Every Which Way But Loose and Twins.

Right turn, Clyde.


You're a fan of Twins? Okay, now talk here might get nasty...


It was a toss-up between Twins and Kindergarten Cop.



Tut tut. You should never be afraid to speak your mind politically. Yes it can be unpopular but insufferable bigots (of both the right and left) should always be challenged. I know that David and Andrew would probably characterise me as a liberal , though I am not in all matters and while I often disagree with their points of view I am glad they are able to put their views across and welcome everything they (and everyone else on this site) say whether it has me nodding in approval or shaking my head furiously. Those who try to socially censor others views should ALWAYS be challenged on their intolerance.

On a separate point I think Andrew is being a bit disingenous on his views on the awards for MILLION DOLLAR BABY although I admit I haven't seen it . If the film is intelligent well made and demonstrates great artistic and acting skills then it shouldn't matter what the topic is, it's the skill that should be rewarded. If on the other hand it is proselytising for female boxing as a career (and I haven't read anything that suggests it does so) then it deserves criticism , but ultimately if you are going to have awards ceremonies , it's the talent that should be rewarded not the topic matter.


Of course you shouldn't be afraid to speak your mind about politics (though I believe there are occassions where it is inappropriate. In the US it is still considered to be rude to bring up politics and religion at general social functions).

However, in reality, it's an entirely different matter when it could cost you a job or compel a self-righteous jerk to berate you publicly.



I fully appreciate the need for tact in the workplace where you don't have the upper hand but surely being berated by a self-righteous jerk is something to be welcomed - a badge of honour you might say.

As for the ethics of bringing up politics\religion at general social functions , does that same reticence apply to the PC brigade (politics) or the fundamentalist religous right (religion) both groups I feel would not be shy proselytising at any event.

Fair enough if the 'no religion no politics' rule is adhered to by everyone at an event but if some self-righteous jerk decides his/her opinion MUST be shared with the rest of the gathering then all bets are off!


Being in L.A., it often happens that you encounter some hyper-leftie who simply assumes that everyone that surrounds them shares their opinions on politics and feel comfortable discussing the subject. I usually offer the grin-and-nod "yes, oh dear, isn't it terrible" response and hope the topic dies on its own. The rudeness of others is no excuse for my own.


I have not seen either film, but you notice a trend that Hollywood is bestowing Oscar nominations and awards upon non-blockbuster films lately. Apparently they are looking for something more than mindless entertainment, and both pictures were nominated because they fill the critic-required level of depth or PC.

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