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January 19, 2005


Paul A. Fitzsimmons


Thank you very much for the kind and generous words.

At the risk of sounding like a member of a mutual admiration society, part of the problem I faced in my small efforts was that I was not all that long on the ground in Northern Ireland. By contrast, part of the problem you’ve faced is that you ARE on the ground there. From that vantage, which you share with about 1.7 million others, it takes real guts to put one’s head above the parapets on this issue. Some people I encountered who live in Northern Ireland and who could have raised up their heads on this controversial issue simply declined (almost universally the case among academics and media types I dealt with). Many non-politicians I met with, corresponded with, or spoke with on the phone could not do really much at all, often for job-related reasons. Some others (including, in fairness, some among the "political class") did do what they could, though mainly behind the scenes.

You, though, took the issue on head-on, even bearding some lions in their den by penning an article on this subject and submitting it—in surely one of the under-heralded acts of bravery in your region—to The Blanket (http://lark.phoblacht.net/iddv.html).

My hat’s off to you, and thanks again. Illegitimus non carborundum.



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